Aussie Sea Skipper Joins Brigade

The Dumbalk Fire Brigade recently bought an Aussie QP402SL Sea Skipper pump. The Sea Skipper is a unique product developed by Australian Pump Industries for fire fighting and salvage work at sea.

What makes this fire fighting pump different? Its bronze impeller and volute, stainless steel fasteners. The marine grade aluminium body and back plate have had corrosion resistant treatment.

1st Lieutenant Dallas Campbell of Dumbalk Fire Brigade demonstrates the enormous pressure of the Aussie Sea Skipper fire pump


The high performance light weight pump delivers a whopping 1400 lpm flow and a maximum head of 50 metres. That is around 70 psi! The 10 hp electric start Yanmar diesel engine provides loads of power and is backed up with recoil startup. The Yanmar diesel engine is ideally matched with the big 4” high pressure pump power requirement.

“Extensive tests carried out with the equipment showed the Yanmar had loads of torque. Even when the pump is under full load”, said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. “We also like the terrific support Yanmar’s distributors provide country wide. This includes both in and out of warranty backup”, he said.

Dumbalk bought the machine for fast filling tankers. Now they can use the pump at any time for village fire protection if necessary. Brigade Captain, Janet Auchterlonie chose the Aussie marine fire fighting pump because of its ability to handle potentially corrosive liquids. This eliminates the need of having to be flushed every time.

“Captain Auchterlonie told us the pump was setting a record! It primes in 90 seconds, without any artificial priming devices”, said Hales. Aussie’s self priming pumps, nicknamed ‘Quick Primes’, need only for the pump to be filled, or even half filled for that matter, before cranking up the engine. After that, the pump will prime itself provided there are no air suction leaks in the supply line.

Captain Auchterlonie said the marine grade pump is used by the brigade at Tarwin Lower. This is a coastal town in Victoria where salt water can be used for fire fighting operations. Dumbalk, located south east of Leongatha, from time to time may be called into other fire fighting applications where brackish or corrosive water is used.

When that happens, the Aussie Sea Skipper fire pump will be a great asset to the brigade.

Further information on the Aussie Sea Skipper range click here

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