Aussie Pumps Factory Outlet IPCS Seven Hills

IPCS’s John Clerke and Steve Bonney put a Mine Buster through it pace before shipment.

Aussie Mine Spec Blaster

Aussie Pumps factory outlet operation, IPCS, is leading the way in the design of ‘mine spec’ wash down equipment.  The release of their new “Mine Buster” is playing an important role in facilitating the service of mining and construction plant.

Designed for heavy duty machinery wash down applications, the “Mine Buster” is a trailer mounted high pressure steam cleaner that carries its own 1,100 litre water tank.  This makes it a self contained cleaning tool that enables operators to clean equipment in the field before carrying out routine service.

The heart of the system is a Aussie Hydrotek 4,000 psi Kubota diesel engine powered steam cleaner delivering a whopping 21 lpm flow.   Used with the Aussie hot water Turbomaster Turbolance, the operator has an effective working pressure of 6,400 psi at his disposal.

The machine has an infinitely variable temperature controller that enables it to operate from cold water through to up to 130°C steam.

Steam melts grease, hydraulic oil or diesel fuel spills enabling the machine to be cleaned fast and efficiently so that service technicians can get on with their tasks.  Servicing clean equipment is significantly faster and more efficient.  Troubleshooting equipment failures when the machine is caked with grease and dust is a maintenance fitter’s nightmare.

The integrated water tank means that the operator has access of up to 1,100 litres of water for cleaning purposes.  The tank is fitted with a low water shutdown mechanism that shuts the engine off in the event of the tank running dry.

Like all Aussie high pressure water blasting equipment, the machine is fitted with safety equipment to protect the operator and the machine from pressure spikes.
“Big Berty” Bertolini pumps are specified on these machines because of their reliability and longevity.   The “Mine Buster” features an emergency E Stop, lockable battery isolator, stainless steel radiator guards and flashing beacon.

“It is now being used and specified by mining companies in Queensland and Western Australia where cleaning big plant for ease of maintenance is a high priority.   IPCS is proud of its ability to use top quality Aussie Pump components and configure them into specialised machines that particularly suit tough on site conditions” said IPCS’s Hamish Lorenz.

“We work with Aussie Pump engineers to come up with machines that are able to stand the rigours of a wide range of difficult site conditions.  Cutting repair maintenance bills and reducing costly machine breakdowns is the key function of the Mine Buster” said Lorenz.

Further information on the “Mine Buster” hot water pressure cleaner is now available through IPCS on (02) 9674 9088, or visit the IPCS website.


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