County Shows and Field Days

The Aussie Pumps team ready for this year’s field days.

Aussie Field Force

Australian Pump Industries Area Managers have hit the trail for this year’s season of county shows and field days. The company is releasing several significant new products designed to help farmers cut costs and work smarter.

The release of the Aussie Scud series of high pressure water blasters will be on display for the first time. The Aussie Scuds are designed for tough continuous cleaning applications and represent a new concept in pressure clean design. They are ideal for demanding applications in the livestock industry or in machinery wash down duties.

The Scuds produce more pressure combined with less flow in order to get cleaning tasks done faster and with less water. This means the system saves man hours, fuel, water and machine wear and tear!

“We call it the Scud system because it is not just a machine, but a complete cleaning package” said Aussie Pumps Adrian Fiatarone. “It is designed to get the job done faster, more economically and in the greenest way possible” he said.

“The heart of the system is a ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pump with ceramic pistons and stainless steel valves. Scuds are powered by Honda industrial petrol engines or Yanmar diesel engines with slow speed gearbox drive for smoother operation. We only use top quality Japanese brand engines because of their reliability, inherent quality and ease of servicing” said Fiatarone.

The Aussie Scud features an ergonomic galvanised frame that incorporates loads of design features. The frame is finely balanced enabling operators to move it easily on site. Easy access for routine pump and engine maintenance and integrated features make the Scud blaster easy to store and add labour saving accessories.

Other products on display this year include the release of the new Aussie QP3310 gusher range. “This is the 3” pump that thinks it’s a 4” pump” said Adrian Fiatarone. “Its superb hydraulic design means more water per litre of fuel resulting in real savings for farmers, earthmoving contractors, water carters and councils” he said.

The new 3” pump offers flows of up to 1600 lpm and pressures up to 100 psi or 70m head.

The company achieved this outstanding performance by designing a unique range of volute impeller configurations that enable the big pump to deliver maximum efficiency right though the range. “Like all our Aussie Quik Prime line the new big 3” pump self primes, first time, every time” said Fiatarone. “It can operate with a suction line down as low as 7.6 metres, that’s vertical lift” he said.

The new pump features all of the Aussie Quik Prime features including the unique 5 year warranty, huge integrated priming tank and both open and closed impellers. Depending on the configurations chosen, it is capable of operating in dewatering, water cart, spray irrigation or high pressure water transfer duties.

Australian Pump claim that they get a lot of inspiration for new product ideas, like the Scud and big 3” pump from the opportunity to discuss applications and requirements with farmers at country venues.

“It’s inspirational to talk to product users who depend on the calibre of the equipment for their living” Fiatarone said. “We have got some of our best new product ideas as a result of one on one discussions at field days with farmers in the livestock and cropping areas” he said.

Other new products including an upgraded version of the Aussie Fire Chief, regarded as the world’s best light weight portable fire pump, diesel drive versions of pressure cleaners and a wider range of agricultural spray equipment will also be on display.

“We have even broadened the range of Aussie Poly pumps for liquid fertilizer handling, with the range that now incorporates 2” and 3” pumps capable of handling flows of up to 1100 litres per minute!” said Fiatarone.

Farmers can pick up a copy of the new season catalogue from their local Aussie pump dealer or by writing direct to Australian Pump Industries.

For further information visit our QP Pumps page.

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