Aussie Pump Back Early

Aussie Pumps Team Back Early
Aussie Pumps team reports back early to provide bush fire support.

With escalating bushfire risk around the country, the Aussie Pump Team is back on deck early. The company shortened its usual summer vacation period to bring key staff back between Christmas & New Year and production teams into work in early January.

“With temperatures hovering around 40 degrees and catastrophic fires in Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria, we have staff reporting back early to make sure we could support farmers, dealers and fire fighting authorities with what we believe is the world’s best fire portable pump,”  said Aussie Pump’s Brad Farrugia.

Australian Pump Industries, known in the trade as “Aussie Pumps”, changed the market’s ideas on performance and longevity of portable lightweight fire pumps with the introduction of the Aussie Fire Chief, almost 20 years ago.  The product has evolved since then with a number of enhancements that has led to Aussie fire pumps being regarded as the “finest product of their kind in the world.”  The “Fire Chief” is a major Australian export success story with pumps being shipped to North America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa.”

The Aussie Fire Chief is the only portable high pressure fire pump in the world that comes with a 5 year warranty. That warranty is a clear indication of the Company’s confidence in the product and in the top quality engineering that led to its development.

Most of Australian Pump staff reported back for duty on the 5th of January 2015, in response to the extreme fire conditions around the country.  The company moved to bring staff back because of the high risk of bushfires this season with large sections of Eastern New South Wales, Western Victoria, Southern Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia exceeding normal potential for major fires.  “We don’t underestimate the necessity for property owners to take precautions before the fire hits”, said Farrugia.  “Our ‘Aussie Fire Smart Survival Guide’ is freely available to users and emphasises the many facets of bushfire preparation including both livestock and crop protection issues,” he said.

“The Company’s Honda powered fire fighting pump range, based on the Aussie Fire Chief concept and extends right up to big twin impeller pumps. The twins run off 13hp Honda petrol engines to provide the grant for higher performance.  Professional users with large applications with crops or valuable livestock to protect require pumps matched to the risk,” said Farrugia. “That meant a major surge in demand for bigger pumps with more capacity. There’s a trend to electric start options. The key start means anybody can start the pump in an emergency,” he said.

The company also offers a full range of heavy duty diesel drive fire pumps from 4.8hp lightweights right up to the heavy duty Brigade Boss Series.  The Brigade Boss pumps provide high pressure and high flow and are capable of providing a different dimension in fire fighting capability to the standard generic fire pumps.

The company has reported a huge demand for its product, leading to bringing back a full production team, as well as administration and sales staff, to deal with the demand.  “It is no good having the world’s best fire pump if it is not available to customers when they need it,” said Farrugia.  “Aussie Pump dealers in some parts of the country are already running out of stock and we simply had respond,” he said.

Free documentation on the Aussie Pump range, including the Fire Smart Survival Guide and a handy Fire Pump Selection data sheet that shows how to make sure that the right pump is selected for the consumer’s individual bushfire protection requirements.

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