Aussie Hydraulic Pump Breakthrough

Australian Pump Industries report a huge market response to the release of their new GMP hydraulic range of self-priming pumps. The breakthrough in using lower capacity hydraulic motors enables vehicles and plant with smaller sealed systems to benefit from the advantages of these installations.

The Aussie GMP’s hydraulic drive heavy duty semi-trash pumps have revolutionised the market for tanker and drill rig pumps.

The new hydraulic motors use only 22cc of hydraulic oil per rev and compensate with a higher 150 bar pressure. This means that more trucks and plant can now use their existing hydraulic system to drive the pumps. Tanker manufacturers and drill rig operators have been quick to convert to the compact pumps.  That gives them a clear advantage over conventional engine drive alternatives. With smaller footprints and flexible installations, these pumps also deliver major cost and time savings on service.

“In remote, dry locations it can be a constant battle to keep engine drive pumps from dusting,” said Aussie Pumps Neil Bennett. “Hydraulic drive pumps are far more robust and require virtually no maintenance,” he said.


The company claims that going hydraulic has huge benefits for drill-rig and tanker operators in the mining industry. Hydraulic power means an easy installation in tight locations. Drive shafts have been eliminated with hydraulic hoses transferring power to the pump.  Classed as “semi-trash” pumps, they all feature open non clog-style impellers. They self-prime through a vertical lift of 6 metres and come with a front mounted cleanout port.  Debris to be removed from the pump body without disassembly of suction or discharge lines.

The pumps come with heavy-duty cast-iron foot mounts and are mounted on skids or rails, depending on the size. A heavy-duty bell housing provides the mounting place for the hydraulic motor.  Casappa gear motors were chosen for their reliability, low cost and rugged design. The motor is protected from the pumped liquid by heavy duty silicone carbide/alumina mechanical seal faces with Nitrile rubber elastomers. Options of tungsten carbide with Viton are also readily available.  The pumps feature excellent flow/pressure characteristics. The standard semi-trash pumps offer the ability to handle spherical solids of up to 39mm. They can push up to 2,200 litres per minute and offer heads as high as 55 metres!

“Our experience with tanker operators is that they love the compact design and dust free closed circuit!” said Bennett. “The elimination of small petrol or diesel drive engines not only saves fuel and space, it also dramatically cuts maintenance costs and down time” he said.

The company is working on developing 316 stainless steel and even nickel aluminium bronze versions of the same product. These will be offered to the mining industry for applications where really corrosive liquid is required.

“Our prices for hydraulic drive pumps, all built to ISO 9001 certification, are very reasonable compared to diesel drive” said Bennett.

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