Aussie Fire Chief high pressure fire pump

Phoebe Michaels from Lukes Hill checks out the new high performance Kubota diesel powered Aussie Fire Chief.

Kubota Fire Chief to the Rescue

Model: QP205SL/AC60

A brand new version of the popular Aussie Fire Chief high pressure fire pump has been released by Australian Pump Industries.  The Aussie Fire Chief is now available powered by a Kubota 6 hp air-cooled diesel engine, providing a whopping 85 psi pressure with maximum flows of over 400 litres per minute.

The Chief is an award winning product and has won many major government contracts because of its performance and quality.  Regarded as the finest high pressure lightweight fire pump in the world, the Fire Chief is used by rural fire fighting authorities, the NSW Fire Brigade, national parks protection services and councils around the country.

The product has also won significant export contracts in Europe, South East Asia and Africa.  The new version is powered by a Kubota A/C 60 air-cooled engine with an ultra reliable recoil start system.  “These Kubota’s start first time every time” said Phoebe Michaels from the Hawkesbury area. “We like the reliability and performance of the pump/engine combo and the heavy duty galvanised steel frame protects the pump and makes it easy to move around the farm” she said.

The Aussie Fire Chief outperforms the competition because of it’s
‘big belly’ body and its huge 7 ½” diameter heavy duty impeller.  The impeller weighs almost 3 times more than competitors providing not only top performance but also long, trouble free life.

The pump comes with a bolt on 2” suction flange that enables the check valve to be easily replaced or serviced without having to dismantle the pump.  The bolt on suction port also gives users the facility to be able to change the port size to 2 ½” or even 3”  if required.  “We considered changing to a 3” port and running a 3” suction hose” said Phoebe “but in the end decided to stay with the 2” port because the pumps performance was so good” she said.

The pump also features a handy 3 way outlet that gives users the facility of using either a 1 ½” delivery hose or two 1” hoses.  The discharge manifold comes with metal caps and chains, not plastic!

The Aussie Fire Chief is loaded with features and in Kubota configuration represents terrific value for money.  “The seasonal discount for this year represent around $800 off” said Phoebe, ‘That’s a huge saving” she said.

The “Chief” comes with Aussie Pumps inclusive 5 year warranty on the pump end whilst the engine is supported by Kubota’s international 2 year warranty.  Kubota Australia dealers are right behind the Aussie Pump programme, providing warranty and service to users across the country.

Aussie Pumps expect the new Kubota powered Fire Chief to be huge seller this season and are increasing production quantities to meet demand.

“Users are finding the cheap Chinese pumps just don’t provide the performance that Australians demand” said an Aussie Pumps spokesman.  “Our commercial arrangement with Kubota delivers a product that is world class, at value packed prices for Australian farmers” he said.

For further information on the new Kubota product range at bargain prices visit our Fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Quik Prime Diesel Drive Fire Pumps PDF [261KB].

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