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Aussie Pumps’ John Hales checks out a 100 unit production run of 4,000 psi Aussie pressure cleaners.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie Doubles Blaster Production

Model: Aussie Eco-Clean Blasters

Huge export orders and an increasing reputation for quality and performance are presenting Australian Pump with opportunities to dramatically increase production numbers in their Castle Hill plant.

“Production volume of heavy duty Aussie Honda powered pressure cleaners has virtually doubled in the last year as the market recognises the value of these top quality Aussie designed and built products,” said Aussie Pumps’ John Hales.

The Australian Pump high pressure water blaster product line was born around 15 years ago, out of a realisation by Australian Pump that European machines often didn’t measure up to Australian users’ requirements.  API found that consumers, often farmers, miners or building industry tradesmen required machines that were strong, tough and reliable.  The decision was made to use top quality Bertolini pumps, heavy duty, fully welded roll frame trolleys, many of them galvanised, and to equip all machines with safety packs to protect the operator and the machine.

The Aussie pressure cleaner range today includes a full on line up of professional engine drive pressure cleaners from 2,000 psi, all the way through to 7,000 psi.  The machines are used in a myriad of applications ranging from farm machinery wash down to ship cleaning, fabricated steel paint preparation, and even concrete demolition.

All Aussie Eco Clean brand machines come with Bertolini Pumps, designed for long, trouble free life. “We chose Bertolini because of their reputation for building pump products that were designed for long life, and not designed to a price” said Hales.

Bertolini Pumps offer forged brass heads warranted for 5 years, rapid action mirror finish 316 stainless steel valves, and exclusive double V and U packing seals that have fabric reinforced Nitrile Buna elastomers.

All Bertolini pumps come with premium quality oversized bearings, and highly polished solid ceramic pistons for long life.  All pumps feature stainless steel piston rods with Tenifer treatment for added durability, and all pumps have big, finned die cast aluminium crank cases for extra lubrication and more efficient cooling.

Australian Pump is a certified ISO9001 quality assured company, with all areas of manufacturing controlled to produce equipment of the highest calibre.

Large export orders with increasing sales “across the trench” to New Zealand are an outstanding endorsement of the company’s “quality first” policy.

Further information is available on our High Pressure Water Cleaners page.

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