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As a reaction to increasingly tough environmental controls in both mine quarry and construction site, a major Australian pump builder has developed a new range of dust suppression equipment.

Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading innovator of self-priming centrifugal tanker pumps has launched the “Aussie Dustbuster” line up with a product range that offers high pressure 2”, 3” and 4” pumps, designed to allow plant operators to comply with government requirements.

“Communities are increasingly concerned about the impacts on health associated with dust pollution,” said Aussie Pump’s Product Development Manager, Brad Farrugia.  “We’ve reflected that concern in developing products that are uniquely designed for road tanker applications where both high flow and high pressure are required,” he said.

The Aussie Dustbuster range is available in both petrol and diesel drive configurations.  Aussie Pumps research shows that tanker operators want to be able to fill tankers fast to reduce cycle times, but at the same time need enough pressure to be able to throw jets over a wide range.  The result in pumps capable of flows of up to 2900 litres per minute, with operating pressures of up to 100psi.

The pumps self prime and are part of the Aussie “Quick Prime” range.  They all incorporate big capacity water tanks that enable them to prime fast, first time, every time.

“Fast filling is critical,” said Farrugia.  “Operators may need to fill from creeks, dams or rivers, so the ability to draught water promptly and efficiently is vital,” he said.

The Aussie Dustbusters are designed with a high efficiency, superbly balanced and designed impeller volute combination.  That enables the pumps to draw water through a vertical column of up to 8.4 metres.

The pumps all self prime and don’t need foot valves to enable them to carry out the priming task.  An integrated check valve is incorporated in the pumps suction port, creating a vacuum when the pumps start operating.

“The Aussie fast prime system is virtually unique.  We know of no other self priming pump that will draught from 8.4 metres and do it every time,” said Farrugia.

Aussie Dustbusters are available will either Honda petrol, or Yanmar and Kubota diesel engine drives.  The company uses only top quality major brand engines and won’t use third world “clone” engines.

The pumps achieve the combination of high pressure and high flow through big single stage impellers, closed design, but with broad vane ports that enable small solids to go straight through the pump without causing damage.

Seals are heavy duty ceramic mechanical design, but silicone carbide seals are available as an optional extra.

“We are working on a hydraulic drive version of the pump line up and know that that will be popular users in mines, construction and rental markets, who are looking for an enclosed dust free drive system,” said Farrugia. “Australian Pump know that dust is a major pollutant and control of particulate matter (PM) emission will be increasingly important in the future.  Apart from compliance with regulations, plant operators need to keep dust levels down so that equipment requires less cleaning and maintenance is made easier,” he said.

Further information on the Aussie dustbuster range is readily available from our Fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Quik Prime High Pressure Transfer Pumps PDF (163kb).

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