Aussie Cobra Jetters

The new Aussie Cobra Jetters now have even more power and offer faster cleaning times and more safety features.

A Jetter for All Seasons

Model: Cobra Jetter

Aussie Pumps put the first 4,000 psi machine on the market back in 2002 after a process of years of product research and development. They called it the Aussie Cobra!

The rest is history!

Jetters are now used by plumbers, councils, mining companies and general industry to clear blocked drains fast and efficiently.  Aussie Cobra’s are working all over the world including in Africa, Europe, Asia and even New York City!

Australian pump has now introduced a new series of Cobra Jetters that offer more power, faster cleaning times and more safety features with improved efficiencies.

“The changes reflect what we’ve learnt in a gradual process of evolution of this great piece of kit over the years” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales.  “Working closely with plumbers means that we’ve kept our eyes on the important issues and didn’t load the product up with fancy extras that don’t make any difference to the performance” he said. “The engineers aren’t being allowed to hijack this great piece of Aussie innovation,” Hales said.

He new Cobra gets extra power from an upgraded Bertolini pump that delivers a whopping 4,300 psi of pressure!  The prime power unit is a Honda GX630, 23hp heavy duty twin cylinder industrial petrol engine with electric start.  The electric start has recoil backup supplied a standard.

“We even specify an hourmetre on the new rig so that users can more carefully monitor routine services” said Hales.

The new Cobra comes with a large capacity 23 litre full tank for extended running time and a bigger water storage tank. The new baffled mono-block stainless steel water tank has an anti-cavitation plate providing increased pump protection.  This is achieved by creating a positive air lock between the pump and the mains water supply.

The jetters are supplied with top quality blue Armadillo high pressure drain cleaner hose, all rated in accordance with SAE standard and performance criteria.

“We hear horror stories about plumbers buying cheap hoses from 3rd world countries” said Hales.  “The cheap stuff is suspect from the engineering point of view and doesn’t have the flexibility to go round tight radii in gullies or tracks.  We’ve even upgraded hose reel capacity and we can even offer hose reel capable of taking up to 80 metres of R8 sewer hose.

“Meteorologists are warning that there is an El Nino on the way which means more tree route infestations and a proliferation of chokes to be cleared,” said Hales.  “The new Cobra 4300 can clear drains fast and provide a real boost to plumbing profitability!” he said.

“Prices are coming down as our volume of production goes up” said Hales.  “As we climb into higher efficiency levels in volume and we pass those savings made onto our customers,” he said.

The Aussie Cobra jetters are sold and serviced by selected specialist distributors around the country.  They back up this great Australian product with first class service and technical support.

A free comprehensive catalogue on drain cleaning products, techniques and basic mathematics to enable you to make the decision to either lease or buy is readily available from Australian Pump Industries on (02) 8865 3500 or Master Distributor outlets around the country.

Further information on the complete range of Jetters is available from our Drain Cleaning Jetters page or download our Aussie Eco Clean Drain Cleaning Jetters PDF (517kb).


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