Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetters

aussie cobra drain cleaning jetters
Aussie Cobra Jetters double as both drain cleaning jetters and as high pressure water blasters to aid with industrial plant maintenance.

Cleaning Equipment: Aussie Cleans Up Plant

Model: Aussie Cobra

Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetters are proving to be versatile aids to plant maintenance in Australian industrial applications. The machines, designed and built in Australia by innovative manufacturer Australian Pump Industries, double as both fast
effective high pressure drain cleaning jetters and as high pressure water blasters.

The Aussie Cobra range is available in 4,000 and 5,000 psi configurations with flows of up to 30 litres per minute. That makes them ideal for clearing blocked drains in mining, industry and process applications.

“Process plants involved in food, chemical or even building products, rely on pump and pipe systems for a wide range of the processes” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Hamish Lorenz.

“Blocked drains or pipe systems can shut down multi million dollar factories with huge resultant losses” he said.

Aussie Cobras clear blocked drains fast with the ability to even clear tree root chokes in a matter of minutes. The company   developed not only the machines to carry out the task but a wide range of specialty nozzles including the Aussie Root Mulcher, a turbo pulsating nozzle that literally chops its way through tree roots and other debris.

All Aussie Cobras come in heavy duty purpose built frames that are compact enough to go through a normal domestic doorway. They are powered by either Vanguard or Honda top quality industrial petrol engines. The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini pump in either 4,000 or 5,000 psi pressure range. The pumps are heavy duty slow speed style triplex design with ceramic plungers for long life.

The pumps also feature stainless steel valves and an exclusive double seal system that outlasts conventional seals.

All of the machines are fitted with a heavy steel hose reel rated to 5,000 psi equipped with up to 60 metres of lightweight SAE R8 sewer cleaning hose.

The machines come with an ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit fitted that includes a thermal dump valve and safety valve. The thermal dump protects the machine from the possibilities of excessive by-pass running whilst the safety valve virtually eliminates the possibility of pressure spikes.

The units are designed for operator ease and safety. A detailed operators manual and a handy DVD explains the use and function of the machine. Training courses that cover both practical and theoretical aspects of the machine are also available.

“We are proud to say that Aussie Cobras are clearing drains in New York City, South East Asia and of course right throughout Australia and the South Pacific” said Lorenz.

“They are operated by big mining companies, government utilities and in general industry” he said.

All Aussie Cobras come complete with a gun lance system that enables them to double as heavy duty high pressure water blasters. For example, the King Cobra, a 5,000 psi machine, when fitted with the Aussie Turbomaster Turbolance will produce an EWP (Effective Working Pressure) of 8,500 psi.

Major companies like James Hardie have used the Cobra on plant maintenance application for a wide range of essential cleaning duties.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Cobra drain cleaning jetters is available on our drain cleaning equipment page or download our trolley mounted drain cleaning jetters PDF [70KB]

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