Aussie Civenex Success

Aussie Pumps Monica Lennox and Peter de Paoli admire the big MQ600TD at CivEnEx, Sydney.

Model: MQ600TD

Australian Pump Industries reported a resounding success with the launch of a number of key products at this year’s CivEnEx in Sydney. The company has developed a wide range of products designed specifically for civil engineering and earthmoving contractors.

“Our heavy duty diesel drive “Aussie Scud” pressure cleaners were developed for tough applications in civil engineering and mining,” said Aussie Pumps’ Dean Fountain. “The show gave us a terrific opportunity to display the latest in design, features and efficiencies with some great home-grown Australian product.” he said.

Aussie Pumps’ set out to develop an indestructible range of heavy duty pressure cleaners suitable for the hire and rental business. A decade of research and innovation has generated the Aussie Scud. These locally designed and produced blasters are now exported to Japan, Africa and the Middle East.

The product comprises a range of heavy duty, slow speed, high pressure blasters available in both petrol and diesel drive. They extend from 3000psi up to 7300psi (500bar) machines. The company’s fine- tuned, mass production program has enabled it to pull costs down and lower end user prices.

“You can you buy these great machines now substantially cheaper than you could three or four years ago as we build export volumes and polish up efficiencies,” said Fountain. “Only top quality diesel engines like Yanmar, Kohler and Deutz are used, while standard petrol drives are all genuine Honda engines made in Honda’s “state of the art” factories.”

The products feature “Big Berty” Bertolini pumps, chosen for their longevity, performance and reliability. We’re now building large production runs of diesel drive pressure cleaners in 500bar, 25litre combination, ideal for cleaning down big plant, or maintaining infrastructure in mines and quarries,” said Fountain.

The company also pioneered super high pressure hydrostatic test equipment suitable for coal seam gas and oil exploration. These heavy duty machines, incorporating one piece hot galvanised frame trolley, have proved themselves in the toughest applications in Australia’s mining and construction markets.

The company has also pioneered a new range of hot water steam cleaners, available in either electric, petrol or diesel drive versions. “Our big Aussie Hydrotek 5000psi Kubota diesel drive steam cleaner is ideal for heavy duty plant washdown in the field” said Fountain. “Big plant comes clean and operators can save big bucks on detergents and cleaning chemicals by using steam to melt grease and oil.”

The machine has infinitely variable temperature control, enabling the operator to turn the unit into a very effective cold water blaster by a simple thermostat arrangement. Local government engineers at CivEnEx liked the heavy duty Australian designed pressure cleaners. They applauded the company’s ability to extend its sales into export markets normally dominated by European machines.

“We heard horror stories from contractors who’d bought cheap, third world, knock-off pumps and pressure cleaners thinking they’d got a good deal” said Fountain. “Bootleg importers are a dime a dozen and these fly-by-nights have no long term commitment to the product, its development or after-market support” he explained. “They go broke with monotonous regularity, leaving their customers high and dry”.

One of the stars of the Aussie CivEnEx stand was the big Aussie MQ600TD 6” trash pump. Customers were astonished by the price and local government engineers were lining up to get technical info and quotations. The big MQ600 is ideal for flood mitigation, construction site or quarry dewatering tasks.

The big electric start 60hp diesel engine provides loads of power and the pump can shift up to 6000litres of water per minute, that’s 36,000 litres per hour!

Free copies of the Aussie Pumps technical catalogue are readily available and special discounts plus free selection and technical maintenance information is all part of the package provided for members of the Aussie Civil Contractors club.

For further information contact Dean Fountain at Australian Pump Industries on 02 8865 3500.

See the full MQ600TD specifications on our MQ 6″ Trash Pump page or download our Aussie Quick Prime Pumps MQ600TD PDF (217kb).

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