Howitzer Cover Up

Howitzer Envelop Cover
A new Envelop cover kit for the M777A2 gun cuts corrosion in even the harshest environments and offers huge potential for significant savings in maintenance costs.

With Australia’s new M777 A2 guns being stored around Australia, minimising maintenance and controlling corrosion becomes a key issue. With many key Army assets held in the northern part of Australia, they are obviously subject to potential corrosion issues based on seasonal monsoons, temperature fluctuations and high humidity.

Australian Pump, authorised distributors for Envelop covers, offer a complete cover solution that will protect these key assets from moisture, dust, UV and heat. The result is massive reduction in maintenance hours spent cleaning and “rust busting”.

The Howitzer cover kit includes a barrel cover, main carriage “breech” cover and a hydrostrut cover.

Envelop covers were originally developed by NAVSEA for the US Navy. They are now mandatory equipment to protect all topside assets on US warships with Rear Adm. James P. McManamon claiming that they had saved the US Navy billions of dollars in maintenance costs.

The US Army and US Marine Corp also use the Envelops M777 Howitzer cover from Alaska to Hawaii, from Fort Sill and Fort Bragg.

The US Marine Corp even used Envelop covers when the assets are kept under cover. They found that the cover limits corrosion, saving them time and money as opposed to the overhead shelter just keeping rain off.

Envelop covers are now widely used by US Army and National Guard for protecting everything from smaller arms to mobile equipment, including Abrams tanks.

Envelop is a unique and patented system that literally absorbs moisture from under the cover by “wicking” damp into absorbent layers which then sweat the water droplets through the outside cover. The outside layer is of course waterproof and acts as a rain shield as well. The result is a controlled environment that keeps the asset dry and corrosion free.

Australian Pump has many examples of big success stories for Envelop covers on Australian ships including FFG, Anzac, Tobruk and Mine Hunters. The company points out that there are big savings to be made on all defence assets, even those held in long term storage, where corrosion can be an issue.

“Envelop cover is a unique product now being applied not just in military but in mining and industrial applications” said Aussie Pump’s spokesman, Helen Mahoney.

The M777 Howitzer covers are codified and Australian Pump is watching keenly to see the results of covers on test with the Australian Army.

Further information including a detailed presentation on Envelop covers contact Australian Pump Industries, marketing at

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