5,000 PSI Blaster Safety Breakthrough

Australian Pump Industries has developed a new 5,000 psi diesel drive heavy duty hydro-blaster. It is specifically designed for quarry and mine duties and is based on the Aussie Predator Mine Boss.

The machine qualifies under Australia’s Safety Standard AS/NZ 4233.01 for water jetters as a Class A unit. By fitting into that class the onerous requirements for operation of a Class B machine under the standard are not applicable! Class B machine operators are required to be trained and assessed as competent through an RTO.  Additionally, they are required to complete refresher training every 2 years. This is the responsibility of operators and their employers.

Aussie’s new Predator A, a 5,000 psi diesel drive Mine Boss complies with Class A requirements! Thus operators are only required to undergo training that make them cognisant of:5000 psi pressure cleaner safety breakthrough (Predator A)

  • Danger awareness
  • Safety set up
  • Machinery stop controls
  • Hose and equipment inspection
  • Personal protection equipment

The Aussie ‘Safe Operator’ program covers these key points.


Aussie’s Predator A comes in a heavy duty galvanised steel frame. It is powered by a 23 hp Kohler air cooled diesel engine drive.  The machine is driven through a gearbox and features a big Bertolini triplex pump operating at 1450 rpm.

The new machine can also be operated with an Aussie Turbomaster turbo lance. This boosts the effective working pressure to 8,500 psi (580 bar).

The Aussie Mine Boss diesel engine drive pressure cleaners range from 3,000 psi (200 bar) to the mighty 500 bar Raptor Series.

Mine Boss units feature an integrated E stop, battery isolation, a fire extinguisher and centre-mounted lifting bar.   It’s easy to move on site with 4 steel wheels with big pneumatic tyres.

“Gaining a Class A certification for a 5,000 psi diesel pressure cleaner is a big breakthrough” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales. “It simplifies OH&S on a site,” he said.

Australian Pump also offers a full range of Yanmar diesel powered Class A Mine Spec 4,000 psi blasters.

For further information on the complete Aussie Mine Boss range view spec sheet

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