Heavy Duty Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Aussie Clean Air 75 litre vac, pictured in ‘safety bright orange’, makes short work of warehouse or factory clean up.

Aussie Vac Cleans Up

Model: Aussie Clean Air VS72

A new version of Australian Pump’s heavy duty 75 litre wet/dry vacuum cleaners has been released by Australian Pump Industries. The big vac incorporates a unique 99.9% filtration system that enables it to operate in a wide range of demanding applications without damage to the environment or operator.

Called the Aussie Clean Air VS72, the big 75 litre wet/dry comes with a heavy duty poly propylene barrel designed to resist impact and two big 1200 watt, 240 volt by-pass motors to provide loads of suction. This robust vac is suitable for a wide range of jobs in manufacturing industry, agriculture, construction and machinery related workshops. It is also ideal for automotive or transport workshop duties.

“The wet/dry function means that spills can easily be cleaned up,” said Aussie Pumps’ Operations Manager John Hales. “Spills are a major workshop hazard and the Aussie vac just eats them up,” he said.

A heavy duty 40mm accessory tool kit comes standard with three metres of flexible crush proof hose. The tool kit also has a two piece chromed steel wand assembly, a hard floor brush with swivel, and a heavy duty aluminium squeegee for sucking up spills. A crevice tool for cleaning dust and dirty out of hard to reach locations and a hand brush for “fines” completes the kit.

Using the unique Aussie Microweb 99.9% filtration filter supplied as standard means that the super reliable vacs can be used in locations where there may be asthma or allergy sufferers. They are suitable for the cleaning of fine dust particles.

“Farmers and contractors even use these big rigs for cleaning out combines after the harvest,” said Hales.

Other versions of the vac are available including a “Jumbo” version that comes with standard 50mm and 90mm accessory kit. The Jumbo can evenpick up coke cans and is ideal for large factories, warehouses, machine shops, mills, shopping centres and schools or colleges.

The Aussie Clean Air VS72 comes with heavy duty trolley with two big wheels and heavy duty casters for ease of mobility.

The best part of the Aussie vac range is a ‘no nonsense’ five year warranty, a first for the industry. Aussie vacs are widely used by professional cleaning contractors, Government departments and general industry.

For further information on our new heavy duty 75 litre wet/dry vacuum cleaner visit our Cleaning Vacs page or download our Industrial Wet/Dry Vacs PDF (153kb).


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