Waste Timber Fire Protection

Veolia’s new waste management venture at the Austral Bricks site in Horsley Park needed a fire protection system to prevent spontaneous combustion of processed timber. They chose the cost-effective Aussie 4” twin impeller diesel powered fire pump their fire main.

The new recycling facility is recovering waste timber including old pallets, timber off-cuts and frames from the construction industry. They process the waste into wood-chips. The resulting woodpiles generate heat internally and have the potential to self-combust.

Veolia’s Stephen Bernhard (left) and Aussie Pump’s Brad Farrugia on site for the handover of the Aussie QPT405SLT fire pump.

Aussie’s Fire Pump Solution

The solution was to set up a fire protection system for the site using a big Aussie QPT405SLT fire pump. The pump supplies two 400 metre 3” discharge hoses connected to two fire mains.

In extreme conditions the system can be used to dampened the woodpiles to reduce the core temperature, or in an emergency can be used for firefighting on site. A spray system has also been set up to prevent sparks during the chipping process.

The Aussie twin impeller pump was chosen for its high pressure and flow combination as well as self-priming ability. Called the QPT-405SLTD, it delivers pressures in excess of 135 psi and flows of up to 46,200 litres per hour.

Veolia’s site manager, Stephen Bernhard, was impressed with the pumps performance and ease of set up. Its simple design makes it a cost-effective solution that is robust and easy to maintain.

Self-priming Advantage

Apart from the exceptional capability, the pump offers user-friendly features that include the ability to self-prime from depths of 7m.  That’s a huge advantage as there is no need to prime the entire suction line prior to starting the pump. The 4” Aussie will prime fast in 20 seconds from low suction heads and takes up to 2 minutes to prime from 5 or 6 metres.

Other unique features include a compact design and a 3-way outlet. That outlet offers the operator a choice of using either one 4” delivery line, or two 3” lines.

The big pump is powered by a Kohler air cooled diesel engine developing 12kW power at 3600 rpm. A big 60L long range fuel tank mounted in the heavy-duty steel base enables the unit to run continuously for up to 16 hours of running times.

The skid mount is a “sled” design and is fitted as standard with an integrated lifting bar that enables it to be easily moved around the site.

The pump body itself is manufactured from non-corrosive high-grade aluminium.  The twin impellers are also made from heavy duty alloy castings operating within heavy duty volute casings.

For more info on the new twin impeller QPT-405SLTD fire pump … click here

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