Tsurumi Flood Proof Pump

Submersible pumps are growing in popularity to draw river water for centre pivot irrigation. Unaffected by changes in the water level, these pump installations are ‘set and forget’.

Installation of a Tsurumi high head submersible to harvest river water is a flood proof solution for providing water for pivot systems.

Traditional electric drive and suction pumps are usually located on the river bank. These pumps are prone to being washed away or the motors inundated when the river is in flood.
Don Naylor and the team from The Pump House at Gympie were recently commissioned to replace an electric drive end suction pump in the Murgon District. The motor had succumbed to water inundation and was written off.

“Mr Dick Schroder, owner of Cooloola Milk, was faced with organising farm staff to disconnect and move the electric drive end suction pump ahead of each flood,” said Don Naylor, “This was both inconvenient and hazardous during periods of wet weather,” he said.

Mr Schroder had used smaller Tsurumi submersibles on previous installations and was keen to use this solution. The Pump House team required installing a big 8” bore, 37kW Tsurumi pump on the banks of the Barambah Creek for this application.

The Solution

The LH837 pump will deliver 5,375 litres per minute directly to the 500m long pivot on the property to irrigate fodder and sorghum crops. The best news is that the flood proof installation re-used the existing power supply.
The Pump House team constructed an 18 metre 630mm poly sheath to protect and secure the submerged pump. The poly sleeve is perforated to allow water in, but the holes are carefully sized for correct flow requirements and positioned to prevent the pump from silting. The shroud was then secured to formed concrete anchor points set in the banks of the creek.

Aussie Pumps, the Tsurumi Australian distributor, claims Tsurumi’s LH series are ideal for this application because they can be mounted vertically or in a range of angles. Units can even be installed horizontally without affecting pump performance. The slimline pumps can also be installed in shallow wells or bores.
Originally designed for mine dewatering and construction site applications, the submersibles are equally at home in agricultural water harvesting tasks. Their durable, high chrome iron impellers are abrasion resistant and easily handle river sand and silt.

Mr Schroder is very pleased with the installation and the pump is performing well during operations,” said Don Naylor. Aussie Pumps Neil Bennett congratulated the Pump House team on the innovative installation and cost-effective solution.

Click here for further information on the Tsurumi LH series submersible pumps.

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