Tsurumi Submersible Aerators

Aussie Pumps Tsurumi Product Manager Craig Bridgement showcasing the latest in Tsurumi Aerator technology

Submersible Aerator Guide

A free technical manual and selection guide on Tsurumi submersible aerators is available from Australian Pump Industries.  Tsurumi is the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible pumps with their Japanese Kyoto plant having the capacity to build up to one million pumps per year.   They are pioneers in the use and application of submersible aerators for effluent, sewage, livestock waste and other contaminated liquid aeration.

The new manual includes a comparison of aerator systems that points out advantages and disadvantages of submersible aeration, submersible plus rotary blower and fine bubble aeration methods.   Produced in conjunction with the Japanese Sewage Works Association, the guide provides a wide range of invaluable information in these cost affective aeration devices.

Tsurumi submersible aerators are available in a wide range of configurations suitable for tanks of up to 6 metre depths and with air flow rates of up to 528 cubic metres per hour.

The practical Tsurumi Aerator Manual shows how aerators can be used in a battery to cut costs on sewage aeration system designs, increase flexibility and ease of servicing while enhancing excellent aeration results.

Invaluable information on oxygen transfer rates and installation guidelines for difficult tank systems are also included in the manual.   Livestock, abattoirs, food plant and mining companies can apply submersible aerators to cut both operation and installation costs while providing excellent aeration rates for contaminated liquids including sewage and effluent.

For a free copy of the Aussie Pump Tsurumi Technical Aerator Application and Selection Guide is available through the Aussie Pumps Tsurumi Product Manager Craig Bridgement on (02) 88653500 or sales5@aussiepumps.com.au.

For further information on our Tsurumi submersible aerators visit our Tsurumi Aeration/Mixing Equipment page or download our TRN-series Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerator PDF (532kb).

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