Tsurumi Submersible Aerator

Aussie Pump’s Craig Bridgement with the latest Tsurumi self aspirating submersible aerator with integrated semi open impeller.

Big Submersible Aerator

Model: Tsurumi 150TRN440

Australian Pump Industries, have announced the availability of a 40 kW Tsurumi submersible aerator with an air flow rate of 528 cubic metres per hour!  Designed for waste water and sewage applications, the big aerator can operate from depths of 6 metres with a maximum of up to 8 outlets.

Called the Tsurumi 150TRN-440-52 the unit is a self aspirating submersible aerator with an integrated semi open impeller.   The impeller draws air through the intake, mixes it with the liquid being aerated and discharges at a high pressure.  This leads to highly efficient aeration with a number of other significant advantages over conventional aeration means.

The air sucked down into the aerator is subject to an air water collision within the guide vanes of the machine.   Its size and capacity makes it suitable for circular tanks of up to 17 metres diameter and square tanks of up to 15 metres diameter.  Those figures relate to tanks of up to 6 metre depths.

For larger tanks two or more aerators can be installed to provide the right results.  Aerators can be supplied with stands or “draught tubes” that maintain proper water depth and best operating results.

The manufacturers warn that operating in tanks with a depth of lower than 6 metres can lead to overload.   Properly designed stands and/or draught tubes can eliminate the overload factor while providing the right degree of aeration even in deeper tank installations.

The oxygen transfer rates, i.e. the speed that the oxygen in the air dissolves into liquid, may vary up to approximate 10% depending on depth of suction.

The 150TRN-440-52 operates with a 6” air inlet (150mm) providing a main convection diameter of 7.3 metres.   The motor supplied is a heavy duty 415 volt 3 phase, 40 kW submersible design, wound to Star Delta.  The motor is 4 pole, operating at 1500 rpm.  The major components activating the liquid are stainless steel including the impeller and the machine is protected by Tsurumi’s normal heavy duty double silicon carbide mechanical seal, located in an oil chamber keeping all surfaces lubricated.

The machine also comes with a patented oil lifter to ensure the mechanical seals are cooled, even if the oil level is low.

Heavy duty cables pass into the motor through an “anti wicking” cable entry that provides a water tight connection even if the cable is damaged.

Australian Pump believe the big new aerator will be of interest to sewage station and effluent system designers throughout the country.

Australian Pump is the exclusive Tsurumi Pump distributor for Australia and PNG.   Tsurumi is the world’s biggest manufacturer of electro submersible pumps with a manufacturing capacity in excess of 1 million units per year at their Kyoto factory.  They are leaders in the design of sewage system equipment that includes both big non clog style pumps and aerator systems.

Further information including a free technical guide on the use and application of submersible aerators is available by contacting Craig Bridgement at Australian Pump Industries, Tsurumi Pump Division.

For further information on submersible aerators visit our Tsurumi Aeration / Mixing Equipment page or download our Tsurumi Self-Aspirating Aerator PDF (532kb).

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