Tsurumi Sewage By-pass

An  8” submersible pump has been released by Tsurumi, ideal for the temporary bypass of sewage during sewer reconstruction work. The pump offers a maximum head of 26.5m, coupled with a maximum flow of 5,700 lpm and it’s slim design enables it to fit into a standard manhole!

Key Advantages over Traditional Engine Drive pumps
  • Fits in standard manhole
  • Quiet, electric motor
  • Massive 25 metre lift
Tsurumi’s new slim 8” submersible KRSU for sewage bypass

“The pump’s unique 546 mm diameter means it can operate in the deep, confined spaces of a conventional manhole” said Aussie Pumps’ Tsurumi Divisional Manager, Neil Bennett.

The KRSU pump offers a semi-vortex impeller and large solids passage of 56mm to prevent foreign matter clogging. The top-mounted discharge and side flow design ensure efficient motor cooling, even when operating at low water levels.

Sewer pipes deteriorate with age and can be damaged during nearby construction or earthworks. During repairs and replacement of these pipes, the sewage must be safely diverted to prevent the health issues for workers and the neighbouring community.

Conventional sewage bypass pumps are engine drive and struggle to lift fluids beyond depths of 7m. Tsurumi’s KRSU submersible pump not only fits in the deep, limited confines of a manhole but provides a maximum head in excess of 25m.

The pump is powered by a heavy-duty 22kW, 3-phase DOL dry-type induction motor. The 4-pole motor, running at 1450 rpm, provides loads of torque and allows for long, trouble-free life.

The KRSU pump features Tsurumi’s unique anti-wicking block for the cable entry. This watertight cable entry, with strain-relief device, prevents water incursion due to capillary action, in the event of the power cable being damaged or the end submerged.

Tsurumi protects the motor from water incursion from the pump chamber with their unique dual double-silicon carbide mechanical seals. These seals are located in an oil-chamber away from abrasive particles pumped media. Additionally, a patented oil lifter in the oil chamber forcibly supplies lubricating oil to the seal surfaces. A motor protection device, in the form of a circle thermal protector, is built into the motor housing. It cuts power to the motor circuit if excessive heat builds up or an over-current condition occurs.

Australian Pump expects that the submersible will replace engine drive sewer bypass pumps, because of its ability to lift sewage from a depth of 25m!

Click here for further information on the Tsurumi KRSU submersible pumps.

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