High Head Tsurumi Submersible

High Head Tsurumi Submersible
With heads to 200m, the new Tsurumi twin impeller slim line pump is a game changer.

Model: Tsurumi LH4110-W

A new Tsurumi heavy duty dewatering pump that delivers heads of up to 200 metres has been introduced by Australian Pump Industries. Aussie Pumps are the sole Australian distributor for Tsurumi, the world’s biggest manufacturer of submersible pumps.

The new Tsurumi model, called the LH4110-W, will change the way mining engineers, quarry and construction operators carry out dewatering duties.

“Being able to use one pump to get up to a 200 metre total head is a huge breakthrough,” said Aussie Pumps’ Craig Bridgement. “To think that Tsurumi have been able to achieve this with a pump that provides a 1,000 litre per minute maximum flow, but is only 23 inches (592mm) in diameter is a revolution,” he said.

Tsurumi’s LH-W series are a super high-head version of the existing LH range. They feature two abrasion resistant, high chrome closed impellers and a centre mounted discharge flange that ensures the pump is balanced for lifting. LH-W range are available with discharge ports of between 50-100mm (2 to 4 inches) and are a slim line design enabling the pump to be used in bores and wells, with major cost reductions for users.

The big benefit for operators is the pump’s ability to be able to move water from substantial depths without needing to stage dewatering through ponds or tanks. That creates a huge opportunity for cost reduction for contractors.

The LH4110-W incorporates all of Tsurumi’s standard features that build reliability. Those features include a fully lubricated dual silicon carbide mechanical seal enclosed in an oil chamber. This eliminates spring failure caused by corrosion or abrasion and keeps both surfaces of the mechanical seal lubricated and cool.

A unique oil lifter guide vane inside the oil chamber ensures the mechanical seal is lubricated even if the oil level falls. This increases the time between routine pump maintenance, and dramatically extends operating life.

The anti-wicking cable block on the cable entry is another major Tsurumi breakthrough in dewatering pump design. The block prevents water incursion due to capillary wicking should the power cable be damaged or the end submerged. Tsurumi claim this eliminates around 40-50% of submersible pump failures, again delivering lower operating costs and significantly improving reliability.

The pump comes with a 2 pole, 415 volt motor, driving the impeller through a high-tensile, stainless steel shaft supported by deep groove ball bearings.

Tsurumi Pump, based in Osaka, Japan, currently operate plants with a capability of producing up to 1.4 million pumps per annum. They are considered the most advanced submersible pump manufacturer in the world with a focus on dewatering, construction, sewage and waste water.

The company is working on a 316 stainless steel version of the big LH-W high end pump for the mines where there is specific corrosive liquid issues. A 1000 volt version may also be available in coming months.

For further information including a free selection guide to submersible pump applications and engineering data visit our Deep Well Dewatering Pumps page.

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