Tsurumi Deep Well Dewatering Pump

The Tsurumi LH-W series of high pressure, twin impeller, slimline pumps are suitable for installation into small bores.

Deep Well Dewatering

Model: Tsurumi LH-W dewatering pump

A series of super high head submersible dewatering pumps manufactured by Tsurumi Pump has been launched in Australia by Australian Pump Industries.  Aimed at the mining industry these slimline units are designed for tight spaces that require a high pressure pump.

Called the LH-W series, the pumps provide unparalleled reliability and performance. They offer capacities of up to 1,000 litres per minute flow, and heads as high as 120 metres.  The complete series of pumps has bores from 50mm (2”) through to 100mm (4”) are available with 3 phase, 2 pole motors up to 110kW.

“The performance of these pumps makes them class leaders, and in the next few months we’ll see the new 200 metre head 4” LH-W pump released,” said Aussie Pumps’ Craig Bridgement.

Tsurumi Pump developed the product range in response to requirements in the US and Africa for high performance heavy duty pumps for the mining market.  These dual impeller pumps are particularly suitable for installation into small bores. The top discharge, highly efficient double impeller design and slimline pump casement makes them ideal for use in smaller, more cost efficient bores.

“This new pump is narrower than its competition, has more standard features and better performance,” said Bridgement “It will operate in water depths as low as 200mm, and the centre mounted flange means it’s balanced for easy lifting,” he said.

Tsurumi have developed a range of features that ensure that the pumps will perform even in extreme conditions. Features include a newly developed mechanical seal that allows water pressures of up to 142 psi.  This makes the pump suitable for use in deep well applications.

The mechanical seal also features a unique “Oil Lifter” developed to enhance sealing performance.  The Oil Lifter enhances the operation of Tsurumi’s unique double faced mechanical seal extending seal life.  The unique design enables the “Lifter” to oil the top seal faces, even if the lubricant level drops below manufacturer’s recommendations.  The lubrication cools the seal faces, providing longer life, and reducing wear.

The Tsurumi LH-W dewatering pump range features a high pressure closed type impellers to achieve the high heads.  The impellers are made from high chrome cast iron for wear resistance, and the suction cover, designed for a long, trouble free life, is made from ductile cast iron.  The shaft seal is a double design, silicon carbide, whilst the pump shaft is 420 grade stainless steel.

The pump’s design enables the liquid to pass through the pumps casing, providing cooling to the motor, and extending motor life.  The internal water jacket means the pump can operate at water levels as low as 200mm. The motor also has Cathodic protection from overheating should the water level drop too low.

Standard equipment includes heavy duty 8 metre cable to Tsurumi’s unique anti wicking block. The anti wicking block prevents the ingress of water into the motor even if the cable is damaged or worn, a feature not standard with other manufacturers.

Further information on the complete range of Tsurumi Pumps is available on our Tsurumi deep well dewatering pumps
page or download our Tsurumi Deep Well Dewatering LH-W Series Pump PDF (728kb).


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