Big Mine Pumps Go Stainless

tsurumi stainless steel mine pump
The new 110kW LH series stainless steel mine specialist pumps roll off Tsurumi’s Kyoto production line.

Model: LH Series Tsurumi Pumps

Everyone acknowledges that mine dewatering is one of the toughest applications in the world for a submersible pump. It is not only issues with abrasion and high temperature but the wastewater involved is highly corrosive.

Experts claim that more than 40% of the discharge from mining operations is highly acidic with a pH value of less than 4.0! That means that operators need to source drainage pumps that are capable of handling that liquid.

Tsurumi Pump, the world’s biggest manufacturer of electro submersibles, has released a range of all stainless steel pumps designed for just such liquids. The biggest of these are the new 6” and 8” LH series pumps with motors of up to 110kW.

Australian Pump Industries, Tsurumi’s Australia and South Pacific distributor is working with key mining operators to introduce this world class product.

The revolutionary new range of pumps is being manufactured in Tsurumi’s huge robotised factory in Kyoto, Japan. Impellers, casings, motor frames, outer covers, strainer stands and flanges are all made of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel.

“The pumps have gone through extensive testing before being released, first to the US and now in the Australian mining market” said Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer, John Hales. “We’ve worked with Tsurumi engineers, providing positive feedback about the requirements of the Australian mining industry,” he said.

Tsurumi has been a manufacturer of all cast 316 stainless steel pumps for a number of years with the SFQ series ranging from 0.4kW to 11kW. The new LH stainless steel series with 110kW motors provide pumps with flows of up to 6,500 L/min and heads to 107 metres.

The LH series in their standard cast iron configuration are already popular in mines because of their slimline design. The high head configuration means they can out-perform other brands that need to be used in tandem to achieve the same head capacity.

The LH series also incorporates Tsurumi’s exclusive standard features, all aimed at delivering life cycle costs significantly below the industry average. These include the unique anti wicking cable entry that prevents water ingress into the motor if the power lead is damaged or the end submerged.

All Tsurumi motors, including the big stainless steel LH series, feature inbuilt thermal protection that cuts power on “over current” or extended dry run conditions. The self-reset activates once the motor has cooled, allowing the pump to automatically restart.

The entire range offers double silicon carbine seals with a unique oil lifter, incorporated in the seal chamber, that ensures seal surfaces are always lubricated.

Tsurumi has established itself as a market leader in the US and in South Africa. Case studies in these countries have proved that mines that have introduced Tsurumi pumps have cut costs.

“Tsurumi is a very different pump manufacturer to other giants of the pump industry” said Hales. “Their focus is in producing products that perform better and provide users with nothing but positive outcomes” he said.

Further information including a free document pack and other information is available on Tsurumi’s new 316 stainless steel mining pumps by contacting Australian Pump Industries, or Tsurumi mine industry sales and service stations around Australia.

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