Single Phase Slurry Pump

Tsurumi Pump Single Phase Slurry Pump
Neil Bennett & Kurt Chapman from Aussie Pumps with Tsurumi’s tough new portable HSD single phase slurry pump.

Model: Tsurumi Pump HSD2.55S

A new portable slurry sand pump, with a single phase 0.4Kw motor, has been introduced by Australian Pump Industries. Manufactured by Tsurumi, the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible pumps, the product is considered to be a breakthrough in design, utility and low cost.

Tsurumi Pump’s robotised factory in Kyoto together with their recently opened facility gives the company a total annual production capacity of 1.5 million units. The development of the new slurry pump was driven by the need for a portable, single phase pump with the hard wearing internals to handle sand.

The new model, called the HSD2.55S is a single phase electro submersible pump with a 50mm (2 inch) discharge port. The heart of the pump is a semi vortex high chrome iron impeller designed to pass sand and silt laden water easily through the pump chamber.

The shaft mounted agitator prevents “air lock” and stirs the mixture allowing the sediment to be handled. The agitator is also made of high chrome iron for long wear life in demanding applications.

Other key features include an anti-wicking block at cable entry. That block prevents the incursion of water due to capillary wicking in the event that the power cable is damaged or the end submerged. This unique Tsurumi feature prevents one of the major failures of motors in submersible pumps.

The pump’s dual mechanical seals are silicon carbide, designed for long life and wear resistance. The seals are encased in an oil chamber eliminating spring failure caused by corrosion or abrasion. The oil chamber keeps both surfaces of the seal lubricated and cooled.

A patented “oil lifer” in the form of guide veins inside the oil chamber ensure the mechanical seals lubricate it even if the oil level falls. This increases the time between routine pump maintenance and adds to longevity of the motor.

Like all Tsurumi pumps, the new compact slurry pump has a thermal motor protector to guard against overheating from dry running or over current. The thermal protector automatically resets when the motor cools to a safe operating temperature.

The new pump produces 220 litres per minute flow and has a maximum head of 13.2 metres. The motor is a single phase squirrel caged submersible design, drawing 7.2 amps at full load. Starting method is fully enclosed capacity.

The pump comes with hose couplings, stainless steel fasteners and 10m of top quality submersible pump cable. Like all Tsurumi pumps sold by Australian Pump Industries they are covered by an exclusive three year warranty.

“That warranty guarantees the consumer the pump will not fail due to faulty workmanship or material during that period,” said Product Manager, Kurt Chapman.

Australian Pump Industries expect the new single phase Slurry Pump to be of interest to the construction industry, hire companies and concrete product manufacturers. It’s claimed to be ideal for draining wells, basements of pits and will work equally well in storm water dewatering applications.

The new Slurry pump sets a new record in value for money and is an example of Tsurumi’s relentless program to produce the world’s best pumps at exceptionally competitive prices.

Further information on specifications is available from our 2016 Tsurumi Pump Catalogue.

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