Aussie Scud Pressure Cleaner

The Aussie design team Albert Mahoney and John Hales with the Scud prototype and IP Registration.

Unique Aussie Design

The Australian Pump design team are celebrating the IP registration of their new Scud pressure cleaner range. The “Scud System” concept was conceived to turn the tables on European and US manufacturers. It provides a better, safer, more efficient and higher quality cleaning system, delivering more cost effective outcomes.

Aussie Pump engineers set out to build a machine where form follows both emotion and function! Risk assessments played a major role in developing the Scud as the company worked towards making the machine easier and safer to operate. Sharp corners were designed out, resulting in a sleeker, more aerodynamic design that users relate to.

“Whilst European and US manufacturers of pressure cleaner equipment design for looks and cost reduction, we planned for operator efficiency and safety instead” said Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales. “By taking a different approach, we turned the tables on the big guys of the industry!” he said.

The Scud design is registered with IP Australia, an Australian Federal Government body, who protect the integrity of Australian intellectual property from copyists!

Australian Pump is Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure water cleaning equipment. The product range includes machines up to 7,000 psi in both petrol, diesel and electric drive configurations.

The company’s design evolution has resulted in major breakthroughs in efficiency in drain cleaning, machine wash down and environmentally friendly high pressure cleaning equipment.

The new Scud is up on the website and the company is already in production. “We plan on launching the Scud in Europe before the end of the year and to follow up in the USA by their spring in 2012” said Hales.

The first large production numbers of Scud machines are in the range of 3,000 to 4,000 psi and feature Honda petrol engines and Yanmar diesels.

For further information on the new Scud pressure cleaner range download our New Aussie Scud Blasters PDF (1.06MB).

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