Aeration/Mixing Equipment

TRN Series … self aspirating aerator

The TRN-series are self-aspirating, submersible aerators. A built-in special semi-open impeller draws in air. This is mixed with the liquid and discharged at a high pressure leading to highly efficient aeration.

  • Discharge bore 32 – 150mm
  • Three phase
  • 2-4 pole motors, 0.75 – 40kW
  • Semi open type impeller

TRN series spec sheet

selection guide

TRN self aspirating aerator

BER Series … ejector

The BER-series are submersible ejectors comprising a B-series sewage pump and a venturi-jet pump. Air is drawn in by the self-aspirating mechanism and is discharged into the mixture through the diffuser. The powerful single jet current gives unrivaled vertical convection stirring.

  • Discharge bore 25 – 50mm
  • Three phase
  • 2-4 pole motors, 0.75 – 5.5kW
  • Channel impeller

BER series spec sheet

Tsurumi Pumps BER ejector

RS Series … rotary air blower

The RS-series are rotary air blowers with three-blade rotors. The well-balanced rotors and innovative helical outlet ports minimizes impact and pulsation noise. 

  • Discharge bore 20 – 150mm
  • Single & three phase
  • 4 pole motors, 0.4 – 45kW

RS series spec sheet

Tsurumi Pumps RS rotary air blower
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