About Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps … a world leader in submersible pumps

Australian Pump Industries is the authorised distributor for Tsurumi submersible pumps in Australia. Japanese quality, huge range, unbeatable value in dewatering and sewage submersible pumps and waste water equipment.

Who is Tsurumi? (pronounced Soo Roo Mee)

  • Global leaders … Tsurumi Pump are a Japanese company, specialising in the manufacture submersible pumps that excel on the world stage. They have the capacity to build over 1.4 million pumps a year!
  • Unbeatable range … Dewatering and industrial submersible pumps with over 1800 models.
  • Innovative design … key features that enhance pump longevity and performance. Pumps deliver life cycle costs significantly below the industry average.
  • Quality guarantee … Tsurumi’s efficient, state of the art manufacturing facilities ensure the highest quality at the best possible price.
  • Types of submersible pumps produced:
    Semi-Vortex, Vortex, Non Clog, Cutter, Mixed Flow, Axial Flow, Radial Flow, Contractor & Dewatering, Sewage & Wastewater, Aerators & Blowers, Decanting Units, Scum Skimmers.

Tsurumi video demonstrations available on YouTube

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aussie pumps tsurumi pump catalogue

Tsurumi Pump Catalogue 2017

Tsurumi submersible pump & wastewater equipment catalogue, includes price lists.

Contractor Submersible Pumps

Electric powered general dewatering pumps for lowering into pits and wells.

From powerful sand and trash handling pumps to efficient dewatering and residue/utility pumps, Tsurumi is a Japanese manufacturer that produces reliable pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.


  • General dewatering duties
  • Draining water from pits & quarries
  • Storm water drainage
  • Construction works drainage
  • Liquids carrying sludge or sand


Dewatering Pumps

Deep Well Dewatering Pumps

Residue Dewatering Pumps

Slurry & Sand Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps KTZ611 V

Industrial Submersible Pumps

Huge range of sewage and effluent pumps designed for the applications where reliability and performance are paramount. Tsurumi Pump manufacture pumps that range from 32mm to an impressive 800mm diameter discharge bore.

The range includes corrosion resistant pumps suitable for installation in hostile environments.


  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial waste water pumping
  • Transferring waste water
  • Pumping seawater


Sewage & Effluent Pumps

Corrosion Resistant Pumps

Tsurumi Sewage Pumps PU (0.15kW) Corrosion Resistant Pump


Infrastructure Drives Concrete Boom

Australia’s concrete industry is going through a massive boom.  No other building material has the same level of versatility, sustainability and cost effectiveness!
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Cost Efficient Wastewater Treatment

  COST CUTTERS “The Tsurumi TRN aerators, installed into wastewater treatment systems, are great cost cutters,” said Pump Technology Services’ Jeff Bradford. “They’re as easy to install as any submersible...
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New Auto Sub Pump

A heavy duty dewatering pump, factory fitted with an automatic stop/start function is now available from Australian Pump Industries.  Part of Tsurumi’s heavy duty KTZ Series, the new automatic pumps...
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