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Aussie poly pumps offer a low cost, reliable solution for pumping liquid fertiliser because they are corrosion resistant.

Pumps: Liquid Fert Pumps

Model: Aussie Poly Pumps

Australian farmers are benefitting all over the country from the introduction of liquid fertilisers.  Manufacturers claim that liquid fertilisers are up to 10 times more effective than granulars, and offer major advantages, in terms of delivering more growth in the head and grain, rather than into the stalk.

The CSIRO has published recent information that found that fluids fertilisers were ten times more effective than common granular fertilisers, improving wheat yields on limestone soils.  This was claimed to be because the phosphorous in the fluid is readily available in plants, rather than being locked up in calcareous soils.

The only down side for liquid ferts seems to be the corrosive nature of the product, and need to handle it with the right equipment. One Australian Company, Australian Pump Industries, has developed a range of pumps for safe, fast and efficient pumping of liquid fertilisers like “Flexi N”.

“We set out to come up with a product that was resistant to corrosion, and had the right elastomers to prevent leaks or negative chemical reactions to the medium being pumped” said Aussie Pumps’ Dean Fountain.

The Aussie Poly Pump range, developed for ag chem applications like this, offer 2” and 3” self priming centrifugal engine drive pumps that are cost effective, efficient and reliable.  Made from a polycarbon material developed in the USA, 30% glass filled polyester, the pump ends are virtually corrosion free.

Viton or EPDM elastomers that are chemical compatible with most liquid fertiliser, and stainless steel hardware make the Aussie Poly Pumps a low cost solution but totally reliable solution.

The 2” pump will handle up to 720 litres per minute, whilst the big 3” version, available either petrol, electric or diesel drive, will handle up to 1100 litres per minute of flow.

“Spray contractors wanting to refill fast can do so with these handy and reliable pumps” said Fountain.  “We even make a hydraulic drive version that can be plugged into the sprayer’s hydraulic system for fast fill ‘on the go’” he said.

The Honda powered pumps are now offered by Aussie with a 3 year Honda engine warranty at no extra charge to clients.  “The extra one year warranty on Honda engines fitted to these pumps is a real boom to users, and is absolutely free” said Dean Fountain.

Close coupled electric motor drive versions in either single phase or 3 phase allow simple installation.  They’re all fitted with the unique device called “Protek”.  The Protek system is a kind of sandwich device between the pump and the electric motor.  In the event of a seal failure, the Protek system traps the liquid, and prevents it from running down the shaft into the electric motor.

Aussie electric drive poly pumps also now come with a tough galvanised base for super simple installation.

For further information on Aussie Poly pumps for liquid fertilisers and agricultural chemicals visit our Aussie Poly pumps page or download our Aussie Poly pumps PDF [517KB]


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