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hydraulic drive salt water pump
The new Aussie Poly Pump hydraulic drive pumps are perfectly suited to pumping salt water.

Pumps: Hydraulic Drive Salt Water Pump

Model: 3” Poly pump 

A hydraulic drive version of the Aussie 3” poly pump suitable for handling salt water has been released by Australian Pump Industries. Claimed to be particularly suitable for the live fish industry the new pump can be run from existing hydraulic systems i.e. winch drive or steering gear controls.

The hydraulic motor provides tremendous power and torque to the pump that is compact and virtually silent.

Aussie poly pumps are used in corrosive liquid applications including brine, salt water and diesel fuel. They are manufactured from 30% glass filed polyester providing tremendous corrosion resistance. A wide range of elastomers that included EPDM, Bun N and Viton are available for specific chemical applications.

The 3” pump with hydraulic drive produces big flows to 1100 litres per minute with pressures to 40 psi (28 metres head).

The pumps possess excellent self priming characteristics because of their big bowl design and integrated check valve. They are capable of a vertical suction lift in excess of 6 metres.

The hydraulic drive version can be operated in either a closed centre or open centre system.  The maximum system requirement is 36 litres per minute fluid flow. A flow of less than 36 litres per minute can be used resulting in lower pump speed, reduced pump output and lower pressure.

The hydraulic motor supplied as part of the integrated kit has a built-in bypass valve to control the amount of oil flowing through the motor.  This controls the rpm of the motor. Australian Pump recommends the installation of a valve on the discharge side of the pump to ensure the pump operates at the correct speed.  Maximum pump/hydraulic motor speed recommended is 3450 rpm.

The new close coupled pump/hydraulic motor combination can be used in open centre hydraulic systems based on either a vane or gear pump design. For closed centre systems using variable displacement piston pump a control valve is required that shuts off the flow completely when in the neutral position.

Australian Pump expects that the new hydraulic drive system to be particularly attractive to Australian professional fishermen and work boat and tug operators.

Further information is
available on our Aussie Poly Pumps page or download our Aussie Poly Pumps PDF (517kb).

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