High Pressure Transfer Pumps

Aussie Brigade Boss

3” and 4” pumps with high pressure, high flow characteristics. Pumps offer flows of up to 1,500 lpm & heads of up to 70 metres. Computer generated hydraulic design delivers superb fuel efficient performance through big single closed style impellers capable of handling small solids in suspension.


  • Fire fighting pumps including village protection
  • Fast fill tanker applications
  • High pressure water transfer
  • Wash and flush stock crate cleanout
  • Tanker batter spray
  • Construction site dust suppression

Models covered

QP310SL – QP310sX – QP402SL – QP402SX

petrol drive spec sheet | diesel drive spec sheet | mine spec sheet | spares

High Pressure Transfer Pumps QP Pumps QP402 GX240, QP402SL QP402SX Honda

4″ Mr T Twin Impellers

Extra high head pumps using twin impellers for great performance. Pumps offer flows of up to 795 lpm & heads of up to 95 metres. Honda petrol & Kubota diesel drive options.


  • Fire protection duties
  • Irrigation
  • Fast fill tanker applications
  • High pressure water transfer
  • Tanker batter spray
  • Construction site dust suppression

Models covered


petrol drive spec sheet | diesel drive spec sheet

What They Say About Our Products

  • Superb Quality! The best water pumps and pressure washers in the market for the price.
    Even better being Aussie built. Aussie Pumps Service is exceptional, they will go over and beyond to help you.

    Brad Pitts
  • Searched for a while then read about your pumps online and was bought due quality of the pump and engine as opposed to all the cheap Chinese ones out there. Am using it to water my gardens on my rural acreage with recycled water to save using our potable water. Did have one of those Chinese pumps but it would use a lot of oil and flow rate was not the best.

    Andrew Waid
  • Second back up pump purchased following first purchased 10 years ago, faultless continuous running… No need to change, stick with a product you know works.

    Baz N Tone Rolles

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High Pressure Transfer Pumps

Mark James from AJ Stock, water tanker manufacturers, chose Aussie QP pumps for their performance and quality.

Pumps: Buloke Shire Goes Aussie

Model: Aussie QP310SX

When A J Stock of Adelaide South Australia were looking for four super reliable water tanker pumps for Buloke Shire Council, they chose Aussie 3” gushers powered by Yanmar diesel.

A J Stock is a major manufacturer of water carts and tankers, with an excellent reputation for quality and design.

“We knew we needed a 3” pump that would be able to provide fast fill capability and consistent pressure when required” said A J Stocks’ Managing Director, Mark James.

“We also needed to be able to draw water from dams and creeks, preferably controlled from within the cab of the vehicle” he said.

The Australian Pump heavy duty QP310SL high pressure 3” pump was finally selected, powered by a big Yanmar 10 HP electric start diesel engine fitted with solenoid controller.  The solenoid controller allows the remote operation of the pump from the cab of a road tanker.

The big Aussie 3” pump offers flows of up to 1300 litres per minute, with heads to 50 metres.  It primes fast, first time, every time, and has a unique capability of being able to draught water through a vertical lift of up to 8.4 metres!

“The big Aussie’s got loads of pressure, and can easily run a spray bar and 3 rear fan sprays” said James.

The water tanks are built from robust fibreglass designed for real longevity.  They have an ability to handle saline bore water, and even some chemicals.  The tanks are lighter in weight than steel tanks, and A J Stock claim ensure a greater payload, and fewer trips to get the job done!

“South Australia and western Victoria are dry, and Councils have to cart water regularly for dust suppression and water supply” said Mark James.

“Buloke Shire’s 4 big 15,000 litre water tanks are ideal for those applications, especially when matched to the big Aussie Pump” he said.

Aussie Pumps were chosen for the job because of their reliability and performance characteristics.  An added bonus is the unique 5 year warranty that guarantees the pump end to be free of manufacturing faults or defects for a period of 5 years from supply to the end user.

A J Stock claim the Aussie Pump enhances their already great South Australian product, a fact endorsed by the large number of South Australian  and Victorian councils that standardise on A J Stock tankers.

Further information on the Aussie Predator is available on our high pressure transfer pumps page or download our High Pressure Transfer Pumps PDF [175kb].


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