Aussie’s Mobile Pump a Winner

Heavy Duty Trolley Mounted 4inch Trash Pump
Aussie Pumps’ mobile Site Boss 4″ trash pump was awarded Hire Product of the Year by PEA. It’s robust design makes it suitable for the toughest of dewatering duties on constructions sites.

Model: Aussie Site Boss

A new heavy duty, trolley mounted 4” trash pump has been won Power Equipment Australia’s ‘Hire Product of the Year’. Called the “Aussie Site Boss” the pump is designed for tough dewatering and water supply applications in the hire, construction, mine and quarry markets.

The new trolley mounted machine was designed by Australian Pump to align with new OH & S rules relating to the movement of equipment on site.

“Traditionally pumps of this size would be moved around by 2 of 3 site workers or lifted by an excavator if it happened to be available,” said Product Manager, Brad Farrugia. The new trolley mount machine means it can be moved safely on site without personal risk or tying up expensive lifting plant.

The big 4” trash pump won P.E.A. “Hire Product of the Year” for the year ending 2013 against a tough line up of products from Husqvarna, Hyundai, Makita and Powerlite.

The heart of the system is a big 4” self-priming centrifugal pump designed to pass solids in suspension. It is powered by a 10 hp Yanmar electric start air cooled diesel engine and built into a super heavy duty 38mm galvanised steel frame. The frame has a lifting bar and the base incorporates a bunded tray to capture engine oil or fuel spills.

That base is also a platform for the trolley with 4 big pneumatic tyres and 13” wheels. These enable the pump to be easily moved on site. Chocks are standard equipment for security during operation.

With a maximum flow of 1800 litres per minute and a maximum head of 24 metres head, the big 4” Aussie is ready to take on just about any quarry or construction dewatering task. It can also be used to fast fill tankers or water carts for dust suppression!

The pump features excellent self-priming characteristics with a vertical suction lift of 7.6 metres! Battery isolation, emergency stop, integrated fire extinguisher and safety tags are all standard equipment.

The Site Boss is designed with safety and operator convenience in mind. It is a world first and has already been successfully marketed outside of Australia with sales to Europe and the Middle East!

“We are proud of having won The Product of the Year in the hire category from Power Equipment Australia. It is a great endorsement of our design team and our belief in Australian companies being able to innovate to build better products and win international market share,” said Farrugia.

Further information on this pump is available from Aussie Pump Gold Distributors around the country or from our QP Trash Pumps page.

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