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Andrew Connell from the Quays Marina blasts away barnacles with the new Aussie Monsoon pressure washer.

Aussie Barnacle Blitz

Model: Monsoon Scud 300

Australian Pump Industries, major manufacturers and designers of heavy duty electric drive pressure cleaners, have launched a new weapon in the fight against barnacle build up. The New Aussie Monsoon Scud blaster range offer effecting working pressures to 6,400 psi with flows of up to 28 litres per minute!

“These Aussie built machines are slow speed, heavy duty and world class,” said Aussie Pump’s Product Manager Adrian Fiatarone.  “We designed it to provide Australian consumers with simple, no nonsense machines that will perform even in the hostile environments found at boat yards,” he said.

The big 3 phase machine is all part of the Aussie “Scud” family.  The Scud is a registered design. It incorporates not just high strength and durability, but operator safety and convenience, factors not found on other machines.  The lifting bar doubles as a mounting point for a hose reel, allowing the operator to store up to 60m of blaster hose adding a huge extra dimension of convenience for the operator.

“Users praise the extra flexibility and power of the machine,” said Fiatarone. “The huge reels provide major OHS benefits and substantially cut cleaning times. We even offer a stainless steel reel that resists corrosion and handles long length hose easily,” he said.

The heart of the Aussie Monsoon Scud pressure cleaner is a robust ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pump.  These heavy duty pressure pumps are designed for long trouble-free life and are “slow speed”, running at 1450rpm.  Pumps all feature ceramic pistons, a unique ‘bottom seal’ valve cap designed for preventing failure due to over pressurisation. They are matched to stainless steel ‘rapid action’ check valves for precise efficiency.

The pump has a heavy duty forged brass head and features Bertolini’s unique “Cool finned” crankcase designed to reduce operating temperatures. Australian Pump offer a manufacturer’s 3 year warranty as a sign of confidence in the quality of the Bertolini pump design and durability.

All of the Monsoon Scuds feature an ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit.  The kit includes a thermal dump valve to protect the machine from excessive bypass and a heavy duty safety valve is fitted to protect both pump and operator from pressure spikes.

“We’ve over-engineered the Monsoon Scud series because we know there are applications, not just in Australia, but around the world, where heavy duty, super tough machines are needed,” said Fiatarone.

All scuds feature a carefully balanced galvanised steel trolley that has four large 13’’ pneumatic ‘off road’ tyres that make it easy to manoeuvre.

Australian Pump is justly proud of the new heavy duty Aussie Scud machines. They will be a big hit with operators in ship maintenance, earthmoving, transport, Government, and heavy industry.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie Monsoon Scud blasters is available from our Slow Speed Engine Drive Blasters
page or download our Slow Speed Engine Drive Cold Water Blasters PDF (1.18MB).


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