Five Reasons to Choose an Aussie

Aussie Make Pump Selection Easy

Australian’s are facing a deadly and dangerous summer. Sydney based pump manufacturer, Aussie Pumps, is urging homeowners with a water source like a pool to consider buying a firefighting pump as part of their bushfire plan.

To assist with selection, Aussie Pumps put together a short video guide to choosing a quality fire pump like the Aussie Fire Chief.

Stuart Marshman has protected his farm with an Aussie Fire Chief for over a decade.

“Choosing a firefighting pump isn’t as simple as picking a price point,” said Aussie Product Manager Brad Farrugia. “We’ve put together a short video to help customers make an informed choice.”

The guide outlines 5 points to check when choosing a pump for bushfire protection.


The pumps performance is critical to its effectiveness. For example, the Aussie Fire Chief moves up to 200 litres per minute at 50 metres head!   That big flow at high pressure can literally “drown” spot fires or to dampen down roofs, vegetation and outbuildings fast.


Check for features that provide real benefits rather than gimmicks. For example, the Aussie Fire Chief comes standard with heavy duty steel skids and anti-vibration mounts.  This provides the user with a steady base during operation to prevent the pump from toppling.


When comparing pumps consider value for money rather that price. A fire pump is an investment for years to come.  Aussie’s Fire Chief is a quality product, that will not only last longer, but works every time.


Choose a top quality, reliable engine like a Honda that will start first time.


Aussie Pumps is the only company that offers 5 year warranty on their firefighting pumps and a full range of spares for service down the track.


For further information on the Aussie Fire Fighter range… click here

To view Aussie’s 5 Reasons to Choose an Aussie Fire Pump video on YouTube…. click here


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