Fire Pump for Mine Safety

Mine operators regard portable firefighting apparatus as an essential kit on sites. Not just for saving lives, but protecting plant and equipment. With the current fire conditions across the country, Australian Pump Industries’ range of mine safe, lightweight, portable fire pumps are in high demand.

The Aussie Fire Chief is available in Aussie Mine Boss configuration offering improved mine safety and pump protection.


The unique Aussie Pump Fire Chief in Mine Boss configuration includes a super heavy-duty, hot galvanised steel frame mounted on anti-vibration mounts. The mounts provide a sturdy platform for the pump and diesel engine and reduce wear on components.

“Our Aussie Fire Chief has an established reputation for performance and quality,” said Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales. “We up spec’d this pump with features to add safety for use high risk mine environments.” He said.

The pump has been engineered with a big single piece impeller and volute.  They are perfectly matched to the engine capacity. This enables the pump to produce a maximum head of 60 metres and 400 lpm max flow.
The company beefed-up the frame to 38mm and incorporated a centre mounted balanced lifting bar.  That makes these 70 kilo pumps easy to move on site.

The Mine Boss configuration also includes battery isolation in a lockable galvanised steel cabinet with emergency stop as a standard feature. A top quality fire extinguisher is fitted to the frame.  This complies with the industry and the company’s standards.
Power is supplied by a single-cylinder Yanmar 4.8hp air cooled electric start diesel engine.

“We chose Yanmar diesels for this kit because they are regarded as the finest lightweight, portable diesel engine on the market,” said Hales. “They reliable, powerful engines that are backed with a 2 year warranty with support from a national Yanmar service centre network,” he said.

The pump features a flanged three-way outlet for fire system installations. This can be replaced with a 2” outlet port to maximise performance. The 2” flanged suction port is fitted with a robust check valve.  This is designed to allow the pump to prime fast, first time, every time. The pump’s integrated priming tank, incorporated in the sculpted body, means fast priming through a vertical lift of 7.6 metres.

“These pumps fitted to trailer mounted water tank also make great mobile washdown units and have been supplied to mine sites in the Hunter for this application” said Hales.

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