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fire buster
“Mounting the Aussie Fire Buster takes only minutes thanks to the fork lifting ports integrated in the skid base” says Aussie Pump’s Grant Richardson.

Pumps: Slip on Fire Protection

Model: Aussie Firebuster

Australian Pump’s new heavy duty 600 litre Firebuster self contained fire protection kit provides an easy “slip on” fit for trucks, trailers or utilities. The Firebuster is a unique galvanised skid mounted fire fighting kit that enables councils, fire fighting authorities and farmers to turn any flat deck vehicle into a fire protection unit in a matter of minutes.

The heart of the system is the Aussie Fire Chief, widely regarded as the world’s best self priming lightweight fire pump. The Chief is the flagship of the Aussie Pump self priming fire pump line, and is built to strict ISO9001 quality standards.

The pump delivers a whopping 75 metre head, and self primes from depths as low as 7.6 metres. It comes with a wide range of unique features including a 7.5″ diameter heavy duty 1 piece impeller that delivers more water at high pressure than other pumps.

The big bellied body with 2″ detachable suction port is standard. The outlet manifold consists of a flanged 3 way head that enables the operator the choice of using either 2 X 1″ outlets, or 1 X 1½” outlet. This means the machine can either be operated with 2 X 1″ hoses and nozzles for putting out spot fires, or can be used with bigger hose and nozzle for more serious fire protection duties.

The Fire Chief comes with a genuine Japanese Honda engine in it’s standard configuration, or with Yanmar or Kubota air cooled diesel engine drives.

The Aussie Firebuster skid mount comes with a heavy duty polypropylene 600 litre tank with galvanised hose reel and 20 metres of high pressure hose with fire fighting nozzle. A suction hose with suction strainer is also included to enable the pump to draw water from dams, streams or tanks.

The Aussie Firebuster incorporates the “Aussie Smart Valve” system that enables the operator to quickly change from pumping water from the tank to drafting water from creeks or dams. This feature dramatically cuts tank re filling times, a real benefit in extreme conditions. The “Smart Valve” system is a unique Aussie feature developed as a result of customer input.

The galvanised steel skid come complete with integrated forklift type ports. This facility makes mounting and demounting from the prime mover safe, quick and easy.

Further information is available on our Fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Aussie Fire Busters PDF (146kb).

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