Fighting Bushfires from Sea

Access to the fire is one of the big problems in fire fighting in national parks or coastal villages. Often fire fighting authorities resort to work-boats, common barges or even trawlers to reach the fire. Being in the water allows them to utilising the unlimited water provided by the ocean, bays or estuaries.

Dumbalk Fire Fighters showing the pressure of the Aussie Sea Skipper, delivering up to 1,500 lpm.

Australian Pump has developed a range of high pressure fire pumps suitable for handling brackish or even sea water. Called the “Sea Skipper” range these pumps were initially for use in the Royal Australian Navy patrol boats for both salvage and fire fighting.

The CFA in Victoria have picked up the idea using a big 4” Sea Skipper and have had great results. “That big pump can produce huge flows at pressure and can be used not only for drowning fires but also for fast tanker refill duties.” says Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales. “This is a new dimension of fire fighting and is going to play a big part in the upcoming fire season.” said Hales.  The company now also produces the Aussie Fire Chief and Mr T twin impeller series in this corrosion resistant configuration.

The Sea Skippers have brass impellers and volutes, and the bodies are epoxy coated inside and out. They come with stainless steel fasteners and sacrificial anodes supplied as standard equipment. “It’s not rocket science,” said Hales, “but it really works.”

For further information on how Sea Skippers can be utilized to fight fires in estuaries… click here

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