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Aussie Pumps can’t seem to build enough of the innovative Cobra drain cleaners.

Cleaning Equipment: Drain Cleaner Production Soars

Model: Cobra

Australian Pump Industries report tremendous demand, both from export and domestic customers for the Aussie Cobra drain cleaning range of equipment. The Aussie Cobra is a high pressure sewer cleaning machine developed in Australia by Australian Pump Industries. It uses high pressure to clear sewer lines instead of high flow, saving water and chokes cleared in
record time.

“The Aussie Cobra is the result of 8 years of constant research, development and improvement” said Aussie Pumps’ Hamish Lorenz. “We started out with a pressure cleaner and it evolved into the world’s best portable high pressure purpose built drain cleaning machine” he said.

The heart of the Aussie Cobra is a 4,000 p.s.i. “Big Berty” Bertolini pump fitted with ASP safety kit. The Bertolini pump offers a flow of 21 litres per minute. It’s that combination of pressure and flow that enables blocked drains to be cleaned quickly and   efficiently.

The machine is powered by a 20 Hp twin cylinder electric start Honda petrol engine, and comes in a compact galvanised steel frame, designed to be able to go through a normal domestic household doorway.

The machine features a large stainless steel water break tank, and is loaded with features to make drain cleaning chores easy, safe and fast.

Each machine is fitted with a heavy duty Aussie Reel Quick reel, with 60 metres of high pressure Aussie sewer cleaning hose. The hose reel is rated for use at up to 5,000 p.s.i. pressure.

Each machine also comes with an “Aussie Nozzle Box” to equip plumbers to carry out virtually any drain cleaning task. The nozzle box includes a series of nozzles suitable for clearing chokes in sewer lines and stormwater drains. An Aussie Turbo Root Mulcher that literally chews it’s way through tree roots in record time is also part of the kit. The Aussie Turbo Root Mulcher achieves this by vibrating and rotating, chopping off roots with a super high powered spinning water jet.

Australian Pump have had tremendous export success with the Cobra, with plumbers both in Australia and throughout the South Pacific praising it’s efficiency, ease of operation and safety.

Further information on the Aussie Cobra, and it’s big brother the King Cobra is available on the drain cleaning equipment page or download our drain cleaning jetters PDF [70KB]

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