Diesel Fire Fighting Pump

Reducing friction loss by using a 2” delivery elbow on an Aussie twin impeller pump increases the performance significantly.

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Model: QPT-205SLT L100

A new version of the advanced design Aussie Pumps “Mr. T” twin impeller self priming fire pump has been released for agricultural application.   Driven by a close coupled Yanmar 10 hp Japanese built diesel engine, the new pump is available with both 2” or 3” ports depending on the flow and pressure required.

Mr. T was developed around the Aussie Fire Chief, considered the world’s leading lightweight high-pressure diesel fire pump.  The Fire Chief’s superior features and reliability give the big twin impeller version a huge advantage compared to conventional pumps.

The computer generated design means more water goes through the pump at high pressure leading to quite astonishing results and huge gains in fuel economy.

The big pump can produce a maximum of up to 450 litres per minute flow with heads as high as 90 metres.   The pump has no problem sucking from dams, streams or wells with an astonishing 7.6 metre direct vertical lift capacity.

“We traditionally sell the Mr. T with a fire fighting 3 way outlet” said Aussie Pumps Brad Farrugia.  “Then we started experimenting with 2” x 2” versions and then 3” x 2” versions and were amazed at the increased performance obtained in terms of flow and pressure combinations” he said.

Using a 2” outlet instead of a 3 way fire head reduces friction loss and increases flow and head.  Transforming the pump into a 3” x 3” pump simply by changing the ports means even better performance figures for irrigation or high pressure transfer.

The Aussie Mr T comes with a big belly body with detachable suction port.   Being able to take off the suction port means you can easily service the pump’s check valve without complete dismantling.

Two huge 7.5” diameter single piece closed impellers, superbly matched to provide top performance, run in heavy duty volutes, purpose designed for maximum flow efficiency.

“We tested a number of diesel engines and found the 10 hp Yanmar ideal for this application” said Farrugia.   “its high torque and excellent lugging capability makes it ideal for sustained performance in difficult pumping applications.

For further information visit our fire Fighting Pumps page or download our Diesel Fire Fighting Pumps PDF [277KB].

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