Cost Efficient Wastewater Treatment


Tsurumi Aerators are low cost wastewater treatment solutions that promote the aerobic processes that naturally break down wastewater.


“The Tsurumi TRN aerators, installed into wastewater treatment systems, are great cost cutters,” said Pump Technology Services’ Jeff Bradford. “They’re as easy to install as any submersible pump and simple to maintain. These are huge benefits that make them ideal for self-contained, off grid wastewater treatment systems,” he said.

The TRN range extends right up to 40 kW versions.  These are capable of handling air flow rates of up to 528 cubic metres per hour.
A  410 stainless steel in built semi open impeller, draws in air.  Liquid and air are mixed together and discharged at high pressure. This innovative design leads to highly efficient aeration.

The submersible aerators can be installed in tanks, pits or sumps with maximum water depths of 6 metres. Aerators can be supplied with additional blowers for very deep installations.

The oxygen transfer rate is the speed the oxygen in the air dissolves into liquid. It can be a guide when a biological treatment is being designed. Tsurumi’s biggest aerator, the 150TRN440 (40kW) has an oxygen transfer rate of 28.9 kg O2 per hour.
Tsurumi apply the same no-compromise design philosophy to these units as they do to their submersible pumps. Anti-wicking cable entry, dual silicon carbide mechanical seal encapsulated in an oil chamber, patented oil lifter and abrasion resistant materials are all part of the package.


Australian Pump, the Tsurumi distributor, has produced a wastewater treatment guide that includes an extensive comparison of aerator systems. It also includes detailed technical data on submersible aeration, submersible plus rotary blower and fine bubble aeration methods.
Produced in conjunction with the Japanese Sewage Works Association, the guide provides a wide range of industry validated information in these cost effective aeration devices.

Tsurumi’s wastewater range includes advanced design bar screens, a huge range of specialty sewage pumps that include cutter, grinder and vortex pumps and compact submersible aerators.
Further information on the Tsurumi Aerators view spec sheet

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