Choosing a Commercial Pressure Washer? Here are the Top Features to Look For

So, you’re thinking about buying a brand-new pressure washer? There’s a lot to love about pressure washers. They save you time and take the grind out big cleaning chores.

There’s no doubt that high pressure washers are an excellent investment, however, it can be difficult to figure out which model is right for you. With plenty of choice in the market you need to know what to look for in a pressure washer.

One of the first choices you’ll be faced with is the option between either an electric vs petrol-powered pressure washer.


In terms of mobility and power, petrol-powered pressure washers win the battle. Without the limitation of an available power point, these highly mobile pressure washers are available with pressures up to 7,300 psi. The more pressure the faster the cleaning, but of course additional pressure increases the risk of surface damage.

Single phase, electric pressure cleaners are only available up to 1,800 psi. These are ideal for most domestic cleaning chores. For more pressure you’ll need access to three phase power. Our Aussie three phase Monsoon range of commercial electric drive pressure cleaners goes up to 7,300 psi.


Engine drive pressure cleaners can be direct drive or gearbox drive. Direct drive means the pump runs at the same speed as the engine (about 3,600 rpm). Gearbox drive units are heavy duty machines. They run slower (around 1750 rpm) so the pumps last longer, this makes them a better choice for commercial applications with long cleaning times.

All Aussie Pumps electric drive pressure cleaners use 4 pole motors. This means they will run continuously for hours without overheating. The motors and therefore the pumps run slower (1450 rpm) and therefore last longer.

The downside of using 4 pole motors (over 2 pole) is the weight of the unit (more copper in the motor) and therefore are more expensive initially. However, the pressure cleaner will last longer and give you years of service.


Engine powered pressure washers generally have higher maintenance needs. Engines need regular servicing while motors (on electric drive units) are generally maintenance free.

For both versions, the pump oil will need replacing every 100 hours. If water gets into the pump (the oil appears milky through the sight glass) then the pump seals will need to be replaced to prevent internal damage.

Aussie Pumps use Italian made Bertolini triplex pumps that are designed for longevity. We also stock service kits so the pumps can be maintained in optimal condition.


Electric powered pressure washers are easier to operate, just plug in and go …no fuel needed and no fumes.

High pressure accessories, for both electric and engine drive pressure cleaners, make completing the job even more convenient. You can get attachments for cleaning flat surfaces, removing rust, cleaning gutters and awnings, even cleaning bricks more efficiently.  Longer hoses mean you can clean large plant without moving the pressure washer and using a hose reel extends the hose life and minimises trip hazards.


Petrol-powered pressure washers are noisier than electric powered washers, which makes it imperative to wear ear-protection.  Bear in mind the effect of the noise on neighbours too.

It’s always important to practise safety by using the appropriate personal safety equipment when operating high pressure washers; this not only includes ear muffs, but also safety goggles, work gloves and steel cap boots.


There are plenty of cheap electric and engine drive pressure cleaners on the market, but buyer beware. If you depend on the unit to earn a living it must be reliable and last.

Make sure the engine is a recognised brand, this will give you access to spares and qualified service technicians.

Check the type of pump installed on the unit. Cheap units often use a sealed axial pump with a 50 hour life expectancy. A quality Bertolini triplex pump will deliver hundreds of hours of service and can be repaired.

Invest in a good quality pressure cleaner and it will pay off in the long run.

Get the Right High-Pressure Washer for Your Needs at Aussie Pumps

Interested in buying a high-pressure washer? Whether it’s for domestic or commercial applications, you can trust Aussie Pumps for the perfect solution. Our high-pressure washers are built to deliver exceptional performance, longevity and reliability, even when used in the harshest conditions.

Need help in choosing the perfect pressure washer for your needs? Head into your local Aussie Pumps dealer for more info!

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