Why Surface Mount Pumps Fail in Batch Plants

Batch plants, responding to the current infrastructure boom, are under mounting pressure to produce more concrete more efficiently. Australian Pump Industries is working closely with industry leaders to drive up plant productivity.

Left: The issue …. Pump systems with check valves are designed to hold their prime when not in use. This leaves the potential for sediment to settle and even set in the pipework, restricting flow.
Right: The Solution … Tsurumi KTZ submersible pumps will self-flush when stopped. Gravity drains the pipes and pump, removing silt in the process before it settles.

“We’ve conducted a study of the installations at batch plants around the country. We found that pump installations with check valves can cause real issues compromising plant efficiency,” said Aussie Pumps Peter Richards. “Our study highlighted that silting pipes, caused by sediment settling, slow batch tank fill times,” he said.

When a pump installation with a check valve is turned off, water remains in the pipework and the sediment settles. This build up restricts the internal diameter of the pipe accelerating the silting problem and reducing the flow rate.  This not only reduces efficiency but increases the load on the pump.

Pipe Silting … The Tsurumi Solution

Changing to a submersible pump with vertical pipework eliminates the silting issue. Once the pump is switched off gravity takes over. The water and sediment flow back to the feeder tank, flushing the pump in the process.

Submersible pumps also tend to have less elbows, gates or valves installed in the pipework.  Each of these elements increases the friction loss in the system. The ‘Pump Man’s Rule of Thumb’ is approximately 1 metre of head is lost for every elbow or bend.  Accumulatively they can dramatically reduce the amount of water delivered to the batch tank and this can lead to delays at the slump stand reducing plant productivity!

Submersible Advantage

The use of submersible pumps has a number of other advantages including simpler installation. Soft discharge hoses allow the pump to be easily removed for service or even relocated.

“Tsurumi specialise in pumps for dewatering and slurry applications. Their commitment to the industry has led to a keen understanding on how to maximise the pump’s capability,” said Richards. “For example, Tsurumi’s KTZ pumps feature in a patented multi-directional discharge port. That makes it easy to set the pump up with the best discharge angle, eliminating the need for a delivery elbow near the pump,” he said.

Aussie Pumps advocates the use of high capacity submersibles like Tsurumi’s 11kW KTZ411 for use in filling batch water tanks.

The extra flow capability ensures the tanks are filled faster, removing any bottlenecks at the slump stand and increasing productivity. The extra pressure enables the pump to compensate for inefficient pipe installations without compromising on flow rates. It also ensures any sediment caught in the pipework is flushed through.

Features That Build Reliability 

Tsurumi’s KTZ series have been purposely built to withstand abrasive nature of batch water. This means they offer batch plants a considerably longer service life.

The pumps come fitted with a 3 phase heavy duty 2 pole motors with thermal protection. They are manufactured from heavy duty cast iron with high chrome wear components.

Tsurumi submersibles are uniquely built to withstand dry running conditions. The mechanical seals are completely enclosed in an oil chamber with a patented oil lifter. This ensures they are cooled and continuously lubricated extending seal life.

Warning … Beware Of Fakes

“Tsurumi are market leaders and therefore many have tried to copy their pumps. We’re seeing third world copies being sold into unsuspecting batch plants,” said Richards. “They may look like a Tsurumi, but that’s only from the outside. It’s really important to check the manufacturer’s name plant” he said.

Tsurumi have successfully taken legal action against counterfeiters. Genuine Tsurumi pumps all carry the manufacturers pump tag and are covered with a three year warranty.

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