Aussie’s Jetter City

When Australian Pump built the first Cobra drain cleaning Jetter 20 years ago, the company didn’t realise it was the beginning of a dynamic product development program. The result has been a range of high pressure Jetters that are technically faster, safer and more efficient than conventional “Eels” or other electro-mechanical drain cleaning equipment.

Aussie Pump’s jetters in demand as smart plumbers change over from the old Electric Eel.

“We’re building hundreds of Jetters at our 2 1/2 acre Castle Hill premises just to keep up with demand. The driver for the sales is a combination of the right equipment, the right price and even free delivery anywhere in Australia” said Aussie Pumps’ Production Manager, Mal Patel.


“We learnt that not only plumbers, but plumbing outlets themselves aren’t really familiar with the new Class A and Class B operators training requirement”, said Patel

The company has produced loads of documentation to stress that Class A machines produced in both 4,000 and 5,000 psi, are highly capable machines that do not require the operator to be certified by a Registered Training Organisation!

Aussie Pumps has seen a huge trend towards their “Cube” design. The Cube takes up less room on the plumber’s vehicle, saving up to 20% in terms of space but, without any loss of capability.

“Plumbers tell us that our Jetters are safer, cleaner and significantly more efficient that conventional drain cleaning equipment. Just the range of a Jetter alone, 60 metres from the machine, is a huge advantage over any ‘Eel'” said Patel “Add to that the Mini Reel, remote draining cleaning attachment and the operator can control the drain cleaner from the reel, up to 60 metres away from the machine. That’s a huge benefit in terms of convenience and safety” he said.

“We know smart plumbers will be buying Jetters between now and Christmas to take advantage of the “End Of The Eel” program with heavily discounted prices. With bonus of the government’s deprecation allowance, it’s exceptional time to get into jetting” Patel said.

Australian Pump is proud to be at the cutting edge of drain cleaning equipment design.

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