Aussie Jetter is Space Saver

Australian Pump Industries has released a new compact 5,000 psi drain cleaning jetter.  The King Cobra ‘Cube’ is the latest evolution of the Aussie Cobra Jetters, claimed to be the world’s best drain cleaner.

Paul Rogers at IPCS installing the new space efficient King Cobra Cube for their latest customer.

Designed and built in Australia, the new powerful ‘Cube’ jetter is 20% more space efficient than the trolley mounted version. It features a small footprint and a low profile. Drawings that make installation easy are available to plumbers and body builders.

“The King Cobra Cube is designed specifically for drain cleaning specialists who permanently mount their jetter on a ute for use every day,” said Aussie Pumps Operations Manager, Hamish Lorenz. “The Cube minimises the amount of space needed to accommodate a jetter. It also features a specialised mounting kit, Aussie Cobra-Loc, which not only secures the jetter but allows easy removal for servicing,” he said.


A ‘Big Berty’ RAL series heavy duty triplex pump with ceramic pistons is the heart of the system.   The pump features a huge flow of 20 litres per minute, which combined with the 5,000 psi pressure, flushes out blockages fast.  This makes it ideal for clearing drains of up to 8 inches in diameter.

Power is provided by a 28 hp, 688cc Honda industrial twin cylinder petrol engine with ‘low oil alert’, cut out system built in as standard. The engine is fitted with an emergency stop button.  These features are in line with Australian high pressure jetting Safety Standards for Class B machines.


The King Cobra Cube comes with its own integrated 5000 psi rated hose reel with locking mechanism. The reel is equipped with 60 metres of Aussie R8 flexible sewer hose.  Extraction metre markers are included for operator safety.

“Most plumbers use these fixed jetters in conjunction with a portable hose reel like the Aussie Viper Mini Reel,” said Lorenz. “This extends the reach of the jetter to 120 metres and enables remote control of the pressure to the hose,” he added.

The machine comes with an integrated unloader and Aussie ASP safety kit. The safety protection kit includes a safety valve built into the pump head to protect both the machine and operator from high pressure spikes.


The ‘Cube’ comes with a jetting nozzle toolbox. The Aussie Nozzle Box contains a selection of nozzles that assist with clearing a full range of obstructions. It includes the Aussie Turbo Root Mulcher for tackling tree roots, one of the hardest chokes to clear.

“Plumbers are always space poor so the reduced footprint is a great gift! The lower height makes it easier to reach the hose reel and control the engine”, said Lorenz.

The King Cobra doubles as a very effective hydro blaster! It is suitable for even the most heavy duty pressure cleaning tasks. A full gun/lance kit for pressure cleaning is provided as standard equipment.

Aussie Pumps believe many plumbers have waited for a more compact cleaner before getting into jetting. With the 100% depreciation allowance before 30th June, 2018, there is one less reason to hold off!

Further information is  view spec sheet

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