Aussie Contractor Club

The Aussie Contractor Club evolved over the last 26 years as Australian Pump came to appreciate the importance of the earthmoving industry and the people involved.

Australian Pump is a small company and operates with around 50 people at its 2.5 acre premises at Norwest business district.  They manufacture and distribute a rugged range of pumps and pressure cleaners, designed specifically for the earthmoving and construction industry.

There are no complicated application forms to join the Aussie Contractor club and no joining fee.

“Anyone from the ‘big boys’ of the industry and a young man who just bought himself a Bobcat and is setting out to build a business can join our Aussie Contractor Club!  We design and build products for them and we value their input as part of our ongoing product development,” said Warwick Lorenz, Managing Director of Australian Pump.

The Benefits are Plentiful

The company believes that essential everyday tools like pumps, industrial vacs and high-pressure water blasters should work without fail, last well and be sold at a fair price. As a ‘no frills’ operation, they offer prices that are reasonable, and value add products so that they represent the best quality of their kind!

Feedback from the market enabled Aussie Pumps to develop a range of diesel powered fire pumps, transfer and trash pumps called the ‘Aussie Mine Boss’ series.  Available in 2” through to 4”, they are portable but at the same time built like tanks!

Aussie Pumps also produce engine and hydraulic drive water cart pumps knowing that almost every earthmoving contractor uses one.  Essential for dust suppression, these pumps are also used for water cartage and firefighting!

Aussie Contractor Club members have access to tough, top-end products backed by a company who understands the rigors of site life.  They also get an automatic discount when buying through an Aussie dealer or buying direct from Aussie Pumps.

“We make sure members stay up to date with the latest pump industry developments and offer solutions to improve efficiency and get the best out of their equipment,” said Lorenz.

There are no complicated application forms to join the Aussie Contractor club and no joining fee. Simply contact Aussie Pumps 02 8865 3500.

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